Sunday, April 15, 2007

Countdown to the Move: Day 16

With the busyness of church and feeding the evangelist's family (and mine, of course), I didn't really think I'd have much time to get anything done toward our move today. And I didn't during the day, but after they left and things settled down here at the house, I looked around to see what I could do. It wasn't a lot, but here's what I packed:

- A box of kitchen towels that we won't need the next two weeks, along with all my cookbooks except my Better Homes & Gardens one that I keep on my counter for quick reference
- A box of lesser-used plastic items from the kitchen

I really wanted to go ahead and pack my china tonight, but I don't have any packing paper. This set is about 45 years old, bought for my mother by her brother when he was stationed in Japan in the Navy in the early '60s. It's a huge set, and only a minimum amount of it has been broken in all these years. I think I'll wait for some paper! ;)


  1. Susan, once you're settled and not so busy (months from now ...really I mean in months), would you consider posting a picture of your china set? It has such an interesting history. :o)

    Hmm - or it could already be in your archives. Just let me know if it is, and I'll dig to find it. :o)

  2. WOW, it is so funny how I was just thinking that I should go through my cabinets and pack all but the necessities! We are packing as well.

  3. Sounds like you're getting plenty done each day. My problem when moving is that I think, "Oh, I have so long till we move, and I don't want to live without everything" so I put off packing. Then when moving day comes it's a chaotic day!

    We have made several moves in-town, or short driving distance, and when we did so, I always packed my china with a dish towel in between, and then put the china boxes in my car and carried them in myself.

  4. Is the china Noritake? I have service for 12 and all the serving dishes in that. We'll have to post pictures and see if we have the same :o) Mine is grey outer rim with silver trip on both sides and then pink and gray flower design in the center. I love mine and have used it for lots of special occasions. Very few of mine are broken either. Wrap them
    VERY safely. Wish I were there, I'd help you!!

  5. Grace, We were in Georgia for a year, and when we moved back to California, I blogged about it too--I had a box count going and lots of pictures of the boxes..LOL---Bless your heart, moving is a lot of work--and don't forget to label all the boxes--I mean don't just put kitchen on the box, put kitchen towels, kwim? When we moved to Georgia, I learned my lesson----I could not find my silverware--so then when we moved back I labeled everything that was in the box. Anyway, you are getting there:)


  6. Little by little, step by step, you'll be packed and ready for the move before you know it!!!


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