Saturday, April 21, 2007

Countdown to the Move: Day 10

Taking a quick break to let you know how today went in regards to moving. I had a more relaxed day than any other this week. I didn't have to hurry to do anything!

Here's what we accomplished toward the move:

- I picked up a box of packing paper from U-Haul

- Beth and I packed eight more boxes

So it doesn't look like much in print, but it took a long time! LOL We now have 36 boxes packed and lined up around our hall and living room. The trip to get packing paper took a long time. We live across the inlet from Vancouver, near one of the bridges that go over to the city. When I went to get the paper, there was an accident on a smaller bridge, just before my exit from the highway, backing up traffic toward Vancouver. There was another accident on the entrance ramp to the bridge over the inlet. So the main road was backed up in both directions crossing the bridge, and even though I didn't have to cross the bridge, it backed up traffic onto the side streets that I had to travel. A little jog that usually takes about 20 minutes down and back, today took about 40 minutes. Just a fact of life in this crowded, water-, mountain-, and international-border-locked city! And now I need to clean up the kitchen from my Sunday dinner and dessert preparations. Have a good night!

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