Friday, April 13, 2007

Answering a Question

Kristi from Thimble Thoughts asked this question on a comment yesterday, and I was answering her in the comments, it got rather long, so I thought I'd just post it out here, in case sometime else might have wondered the same thing!

Just curious...when you send off your school stuff, do you have to turn it in to Canada or the US state you were from? Probably a silly question, but I wonder about such things. LOL

Kristi, that's not a silly question at all! It's a natural one, especially since we live out of the country.

The reports I turn in are to the distance-learning "school" in which we are enrolled here in Canada. It is not mandatory to be enrolled in a school of any kind in BC, but we chose to do so this year in order to bring more accountability to ourselves. We've found it to be less than ideal, though, and will not do this again next year. We were under the impression that we could do exactly what we wanted with our curriculum, but we've found that the teachers have the authority to change our curriculum to meet BC's education standards. I don't like that aspect of being enrolled, and I don't like having to send in samples of the work. I understand why they're necessary. I don't dislike the teachers; they're simply doing their jobs. I just don't like being under the direction of the government regarding my children's education.

What we are required to do is register our children in a "school" or educational agency of some sort. This registration is merely a formality enabling the BC government to see how many students are in the province and allocate money to schools based on the number of students. Some of this money is filtered to home school students, although a very small percentage. The past two years we simply registered our children with BC, and we had no interference from anyone; registering is all that is required, nothing more. But this year we actually enrolled in a "school" so we are at the mercy of the province regarding their educational guidelines.

Next year we will go back to just registering our children and using the curriculum we choose, with no interference from the province. I want to stress that we placed ourselves in this situation; the government has not forced itself upon us as homeschoolers at all.

In Texas, there are no restrictions and no accountability at all placed upon homeschoolers. That proved to be good and bad. There are numerous "homeschoolers" who are doing little or nothing for their children's education, and even some who physically abuse their children hide behind the facade of "homeschooling." If they say they're homeschooling, nobody bothers them, so they get by with murder - sometimes literally! The good part is that we had no interference from the state concerning what we chose to teach - no minimal requirements, no samples as proof that we were schooling, no changes to the curriculum of our choice.


  1. I have lived in 4 states since we began home schooling and each state had different requirements. In 1994, we were required to align our home school with a teacher, who canceled every time she was supposed to meet with us.
    Since then very little is done to monitor whether I am educating the kids or not.
    A few times I have seen the parent not educating, and I believed that the child should have been in school.
    But more is the case that I have seen serious, faithful , parents raising their children and educating them in a way that they felt the public school was lacking.
    I understand that some may abuse the system, but I would not label them as home schoolers just deviants who would have harmed the child regardless of the situation.
    I see the stereotype placed on home schoolers by society. It surprises me due to all the results being seen.
    But I worry about what is happening in Germany and their home schoolers and I pray that we will still be allowed to continue educating at home.
    Sorry I went on in the War and Peace of comments. Apparently I am passionate about home schooling:)

  2. Thanks for answering my question, Susan! :)

    Here in North Carolina you must register your homeschool with the state and by June 30th you must turn in a completed 180 day attendance record and a copy of their standardized test scores. They can call for a meeting if they wish but under law must give you one week to prepare for them. However, we have never had anyone contact us to meet. If you want to meet with them, you just call and set up an appointment and they'll come out. But we've never met with anyone from the state.



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