Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wouldn't You Know It?

Last night, after writing that I didn't have anything to do today because Wes was gone, I got ready for bed. As part of getting ready for bed each night, I usually think ahead to what I want/need to get done the next day. That's when I realized I wouldn't be watching Pride & Prejudice today. I had totally forgotten that I'd promised an apple pie and a peach pie to Wes and the preacher. I had also forgotten that we're having a potluck dinner tomorrow after church. So I've spent all day today cooking. Tomorrow we're having our evening service right after dinner, so I'll have the late afternoon and evening free. I plan to torment the boys and watch that movie then!

For the potluck I'm taking chicken potpie, garlic green beans, baked beans, peach pie, and apple pie. I had planned to take a banana pudding, but when I was making our pies for tonight I realized I had enough fruit for two of each pie, so I decided to just do that instead of standing over the stove waiting for the pudding to cook. Pies I can put in the oven and they bake all by themselves!

The men got home around 2:30 this afternoon. Wes said it was a great time, but he is so very tired tonight. You know how it is when you plan and work so hard on something; when it's over, you're exhausted. He's going to bed early tonight and hopefully sleep well. He said he didn't sleep well last night. Being in his own bed should help that. He drove Bro. Mickey around North Vancouver this afternoon, showing him some of the sights and some of the places where we've been witnessing. I think that was exciting for him, to show our pastor our very own city and the special things about it.

Well, that's all for today. Nothing funny happened that I can remember. Just a regular day. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow in your own churches!


  1. The chicken pot pie and fruit pies all sound delish! I make a mean banana pudding myself!

    I said a prayer tonight for the men who attended the conference to stay focused on what they heard and for those who made decisions to stick to them.

    Did you finally get to watch Pride and Prejudice? I've never seen it. I have all guys at my house and notice the movies I have seen are so different than what my friends with daughters have seen. Even my sister, Jungle Mom, and her girls open their mouths in shock when they hear I haven't seen certain movies they love!

  2. Hope your pot luck went well! Sounds yummy.

  3. The garlic green beans sound great, how do you make them?

  4. Hi Susan..
    I was looking at some of your old posts and came across one that talks about Andrew(I think) having a "BB" lump on an aaah tree by his ear. I tried to find a post saying what the results were of the tests they did. I didn't find one. DID you post one?
    Glad to hear you're getting settled in the new house.


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