Thursday, March 29, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Men's Conference

And we're just about ready! I am so proud of Wes this week. He has done the layout and printed the men's nametags and the conference notebooks, we helped him fold and/or compile the notebooks, bought door prizes, organized and planned a hockey tournament, and put together a gift basket for the preacher. Samuel picked up Bro. Mickey on his way home from work (Bro. Mickey said he was having a hard time riding with these boys he used to watch toddling around the church!) and delivered him to the house for a little food and fellowship before Wes took him to his hotel room. The front hallway is full of stuff tonight, awaiting loading in the van to leave at 7:00 tomorrow morning. We are ready, and we are excited. I don't know why I'm so excited; I'm not even invited!

My job tomorrow morning is to make homemade sausage biscuits for the road. I used to make these every Sunday morning in Ft. Worth when Wes was on the church staff there. I made one for each staff member (two for Wes!). It became a tradition, even when I was driving the church van on Sunday mornings and had to leave the house at 7:30! I don't remember ever being resentful of the expectation of a biscuit every Sunday. I really enjoyed doing it. I also fattened up a few preachers! LOL So in honor of that tradition and our former pastor being here, Wes asked me to make some biscuits tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow afternoon, Beth and Andrew have some friends coming over. Beth's having three girls come to watch Pride and Prejudice, the long one. Beth and I haven't seen it yet, so I plan to sit down and be one of the girls too. Andrew is having one friend over to play games on the new X-Box. I'll make our regular Friday pizza and maybe some brownies or something like that. We're just gonna be teenagers here tomorrow! ;) I still feel like a teenager, anyway. I might not feel so much like one after they all go home, but I will while they're here!

Well, that's our day for tomorrow. I have grocery shopping to do in the morning, so I don't know how much online time I'll squeeze in tomorrow. Bloglines has been down this evening, so there should be some blogs to catch up on when I do get online. Have a great Friday!


  1. The sausage and bisquit sound really good and I am so hungry. Tell the girls that the Christian theater my husband and I went to on our anniversary is going to be doing that play in July in August. It is in Houston, Texas.I hope you all have a good time. connie from Texas


    I know you are excited to see or hear what the Lord does for the men of your church through this conference. Our church has one Aprl 12 and 14. We call it a Men's Advance. The theme this year is "Saturday Night Fights-Get Ready to HUMBLE" We already have the boxing ring assembled on the platform and lots of boxing equipment will be coming in for display and use for a skit. Our entire church is very excited about it this year. I can't wait to hear how God works in yours!
    Have fun with the teens!

  3. The sausage and biscuits sound really good! It became tradition around here for Stephen to make buttermilk biscuits every Saturday morning, and let me tell you - he got SO good at it! Yum!

    Have fun with all the teens in your house during the men's conference!

  4. I hope everything goes well for the men's conference! It sounds as if it's been well planned!

    Have fun with the movie! It's always fun to watch!

  5. All you ladies with a hankering for sausage biscuits just need to come on up! I'll have a batch ready when you get here! ;)

    Connie, I bet it would be fun to see Pride and Prejudice as a play. I've always wanted to go to a play of some sort, and Vancouver has lots of "cultural" things like that. I'll have to see what I can dig up for Wes to take me to!

    Pam, I love the title of your church's men's conference! You'll have to tell all about it on your blog.

    Melody, I still make biscuits about once a week (with turkey sausage) but I only eat one every now and then. Today, though, I ate a sausage biscuit and enjoyed it . . . very much!

    Tammy, if planning alone would make a conference go well, this one should be outstanding! Wes worked really hard on this, covering every detail as far as I could see. I'm praying for some blessings!

  6. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favorites! You girls might as well make it a slumber party. :)


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