Friday, March 30, 2007

They're Off!

We all rose early this morning - Wes, Samuel and I, anyway - to get everything loaded into our van and bake biscuits. I must have slept lightly last night, because I was awake before the alarm went off at 5:30. I usually have a hard time waking up, so that was a blessing to be able to get right up, dress in a sane manner at a sane pace, and make my biscuits and sausage without having to keep one eye on the clock wondering if they'll be done on time. I even had time to turn on the computer and read a blog entry or two in the process!

While Wes was loading the van, suddenly I heard him say something that I couldn't understand. Samuel went to the door to see what was up, and Wes was saying, "Watch the door!" As he had been going out to the van, he had seen movement out of the corner of his eye: some critter was heading toward our door from the other side of the van! He came back around the front, and there he stood - a big ol' raccoon!!! He had apparently smelled the food and decided he'd like to try some southern buttermilk biscuits and sausage too. Being a Canadian and all, he probably never has smelled southern cooking before! ;) Wes chased him into the bushes beside the house, so he still hasn't tasted any southern cooking, and as far as I'm concerned, he can do without. Sam and I were out putting flyers on doors before our anniversary Sunday, and a raccoon was on someone's porch as I approached. Samuel ended up doing that door, and he had to make that coon leave - it wasn't budging. It must have known that I was an easy pushover, 'cause he wasn't backing down from me. Yet another way that a big, brave son comes in handy!

I will quit rambling now and go take a shower or something. I want to try to be at the grocery store pretty soon after they open at 9:00. If you think of our men today and tomorrow, please mention them to the Lord. I'm praying for refreshment and revival for each of them - most of all my husband and son, of course!


  1. I just realized that I have been to your home church and met Bro Mickey. I was at the 2006 Missions Conf. because my pastor was one of the missionaries speaking. Your Pastor and home church support my pastor and our church. What a small, small world.

  2. WOW. what a coincidence! My Husband is busy preparing for our IFB Men's Camp here in Venezuela.

  3. Sounds like your men are busy. Trust they will be blessed and "filled-up" while at the conferences. Your's too Rita!

  4. Carrie! It sure is a small world! Bro. Mickey isn't the pastor there anymore. He resigned last summer when the Lord led him to another ministry. We love our sending church. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

    Rita, I hope you'll be telling about the men's camp you have. I enjoyed reading about the couples' seminar.

    Penless - I'm praying fervently for them all to be refreshed and revived!


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