Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday in Review

I think I'll just start posting a "Sunday Review" post each week, recapping what happened during the day and getting a new start on the week. I was pretty busy the last part of this week. I'm trying to keep priorities in order, and the past couple of days, the priority wasn't the computer! ;)

We had our regular group of folks this morning, all the way down to my three Sunday school students. The preschooler, who didn't want her Mom to come in last week, found that her mom was scheduled for "nursery duty" this week . . . and cried like her heart would break because Mommy was coming with her into Sunday school. So Mommy calmed her down, then sent her in alone (secretly watching from the door as she came in and took a seat). She did fine, so Wes has said that, unless we have visitors who have small children or babies, we'll forego the extra Sunday school helper each week. You think I can handle three kids all alone each week?!!

One of our visitors from last Sunday night returned tonight! It was so nice to see him, even though his mom had to work. He seemed right at home, talking with one of the other men and joining in the singing. I hope he does feel at home.

Something interesting has happened at several of our Sunday night services. Down the hall from our room, a group of Muslims have a meeting of their own, which starts after our service has ended. They begin arriving while we're having our service, and every now and then, one or two of the men will come into ours and sit down and listen. It's always while Wes is preaching, so they're getting some good ol' Baptist preaching. They just come in and sit, then leave when the service is over. When they stay long enough, we always shake their hands and let them know that they are welcome in our service. I'm going to pray that the Lord will begin to work in their hearts. We just may see one of them saved one day from their venturing into our service!

I believe our ladies are ready to sing! They're doing very well with their song. Next week Wes wants to get something together with the men, as well as allow the ladies to practice their song again. The Lord has blessed us with some musical talent, and we're thrilled that so many of our people are willing to use that talent in our church services.

At the end of this month is our second annual Men of the Word conference. Wes and our men are getting ready for this highlight of their year. Our family is excited, because our former pastor, Bro. Mickey Hollars, is the guest speaker for the event. We're really looking forward to seeing him again, and I'm making my plans to fix fresh peach pie and sausage biscuits. Not at the same time, of course. Those are the things I made in Texas that Bro. Mickey really loved, so of course I have to make them when he comes. Along with an apple pie for Wes. Can't forget him, can I?

Speaking of Wes, a few weeks ago I had a hankering for a hamburger after church, so I fixed some when we got home. Can you guess what has quickly become a Sunday-night tradition at our house??? The burgers are in the pan as I type! ;) Spoiled man, he is. We used to just have sandwiches or soup on Sunday night. But I'm pretty sure "spoiling him" is in my job description somewhere. It's a job that pays well - I'm pretty spoiled myself! :) Yep, it's pretty stinky around our house, with all the spoiling that goes on! LOL


  1. I think the expression I use for little spoiled ones fits here real well. There not spoiled they are just well loved.

  2. What a nice Sunday you had! How exciting about the Muslim men that "sit in". Nothing happens by chance, does it?

  3. How exciting it sounds as if the Lord is working wonderful things in your church. I'll pray that God does His will in the lives of the Muslim men that come in for a visit. It is so wonderful to see how the Lord works. YUMMMMMMM Peach pie and Apple pie.. and hamburgers on sunday night.. When people tell my grandpa that he is spoiling my kids, he says "they aren't spoiled Just Loved.

  4. My Bruce loves a good burger and if I fixed them every Sunday night he would be ever so happy. And I'm with Brother Wes on the apple pie. Oh YUM! :)

    I got really excited when I read that the Muslim men were coming into your service. No doubt to figure you out. Praise the LORD! You just never know what God has in store for them from hearing the WORD preached. I was just wondering if women were included in their meetings? I don't know if that's a strange question or not, but I just wondered after reading that.


  5. Kristi, I have seen Muslim women coming into the rec centre for their class or whatever it is, but it's mostly men, and no Muslim women have come into our service.

  6. I found your blog and felt the need to comment. I am new to blogging and have 2 blogs, one for our homeschool and the other for my thoughts about the world from conservative eyes. For the last few months I have been sewing a new wardrobe. One that is more modest. My homeschool blog is, and my other is

  7. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jennifer! And welcome to the world of blogging.

  8. Sounds like you had a great Sunday!

  9. That is wonderful news about the Muslim men sitting in your services. God's Word is still powerful! We'll be praying that these men will keep wanting to know more and that their hearts will be open to receive His Word.

  10. I will be praying for your services.I'm glad things went so well!

    Do not every give up hope on teaching to the little ones. They soak up a lot more than we will ever know.



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