Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday in Review - March 25, 2007

Another Sunday already! Today our attendance was down a good bit, missing two whole families. That carried over to this evening's service, too. While we were down in attendance, we weren't down in spirit! The services went well. I got to stay in the preaching service this morning because there were no children for Sunday school. I always enjoy being able to sit in the morning service and hear Wes preach. He's been preaching through the Gospel of John, and for the past three weeks he's been preaching on true worship from John chapter 4. My heart was convicted as he preached on the ways we communicate with God and the hindrances to our communication with Him. The Lord pointed out several ways that I allow hindrances to come in! This evening Wes finished a series on Victory in Jesus. Tonight's sermon was Victory over Fear. Now fear is a thing that I've battled all my life, so this sermon was also a help to me.

Wes and I were talking about the events coming up in April this morning as we got ready for church. It's another jam-packed month, but I hadn't even realized it till this morning. I'll give more details as the time gets closer! The reason I hadn't thought on into April is because this week is the Men of the Word Conference!!! It's finally here! Wes has bought door prizes, planned games, made all kinds of arrangements for transportation, food, lodging . . . and now the time is here. The theme this year is "A Man of the Word - A Man of Prayer." Please pray for our men and the Independent Baptist men of the Vancouver area as they attend this conference!

Samuel is working extra hours each day this week in order to have Friday off to attend the conference. He has done so well with his job! He hasn't been late any - yet - although this morning he woke up at 6:30 thinking he'd messed up! ;) He said his first thought was, "Oh, no! It finally happened." That tells me he's still on his toes, making sure he doesn't get up late. I know the feeling. Anyway, he has learned his work well and is working on his own, under supervision since he's a temp worker. He's pretty handy to pick up some eggs or milk on the way home too! ;) Last Tuesday, while I was out taking Andrew to the doctor, I remembered that I needed milk. I actually picked up the phone, while I myself was out, and started to call Sam to pick some up while he was out! Talk about a one-track Mama mind! LOL I realized it before I dialed, thank goodness. I never would have lived that one down.

Enough rambling! That was our Sunday (and a bit of our week in review). I hope you had a good Lord's Day, and wish you a good week. See ya!

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  1. Glad to hear your son is doing so well at work.
    Makes a mama proud!.
    Hope all goes well with the men's meetings.


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