Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday in Review - March 11, 2007

Good morning! I guess it's afternoon now. It's been a mixed-up morning for me. Wes and Andrew went to Vancouver today to help someone do some work, so after they left early this morning, I . . . lay down on the couch and went back to sleep! Yikes! I only woke up because the mail carrier left a package and knocked as he did so. I might still be asleep now if that package hadn't come!

Yesterday was a good day at church. All of our "regulars" were there, as well as two visitors, giving us 23 in attendance. We had almost as many there last night (18), as three visitors showed up - the two from the morning service, as well as the young man who has been coming on Sunday nights for the past few weeks. I know that numbers don't mean anything, but numbers indicate bodies in chairs, and it sure is nice to look out and see lots of chairs full! ;)

Everywhere we've lived before, if it rains on Sunday, you can count on a smaller church attendance. People just don't get out in the rain to go to church many times. Well, here in Vancouver, it rains a lot of the time, so people just go and do pretty much what they had planned to do, even in the rain. We regularly see joggers and soccer players out on Sunday morning, and yesterday was no exception, even though it was pouring down rain. I don't mean a drizzle - pouring! So I told Wes, the good thing is that if someone is intending to come to church one Sunday, and it rains, they are likely to still come, because rain is just a part of life here. And sure enough, everyone who normally comes was there, with two extras. Ministering in a rainy climate does have its advantages! ;)

I had a great Sunday school hour. I'm teaching on the life of David right now, and you know that lends to some great dramatic teaching opportunities. I got to "cut" a piece of Saul's robe and hold it up for all to see! It was also fun to be "David" and sneak up on Saul, and then be "Abishai" and beg to let me pin Saul to the ground with his own spear! Lessons with lots of action are so much fun to teach! I heard our little 3-year-old telling her mommy what she'd learned as they were getting ready to go home. Knowing that she's listening so intently makes me really think of ways to make the lesson more understandable for her age. I have such a wide age range in my class: the oldest turns 13 this week, and the youngest is 3. I tell the story pretty much the same for all of them - the action appeals to all ages - then use word searches and crossword puzzles and games for the older children, and coloring sheets for the preschooler. It's working, but it sure stretches this teacher's abilities and creativity to teach such a wide range of ages! And by the way, Pastor (Wes) told the preschooler last week to pray for more kids in her class, and do you know what that child has been doing all week? Praying for visitors with children to come to church! Looks like my class may grow here shortly! ;)

Our ladies' singing group is singing this Sunday morning for the first time. As soon as Wes told them when they were singing, one lady said, "I'm shaking already!" LOL I know the feeling! But they are doing well, and I think they'll do fine next week. Wes also wants them to sing when our former pastor is here on April 1st, so they started looking for a new song last night. A men's quartet has formed to sing at the Men of the Word Conference at the end of the month, and they practiced also last night. We have people who apparently like to sing, and I'm so thankful for that. Singing gives even more opportunities to participate in the life of our church and be a blessing to others!


  1. Glad you all had a great church day. How exciting about the ladies group singing!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Sunday! When we get a snow storm, more people stay home from church. But on the flip side, we have fewer people in church when it's really nice too. Glad to hear that the rain doesn't keep people away!!!


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