Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Good Reading Today

I have just finished perusing my Bloglines list, and there are some really thought-provoking blog entries out there this morning! My kids are on Spring Break this week, so I have a bit more time to be online, and it's been fun to read and read this week. I'm getting so spoiled that I won't want to go back to my normal routine next week!

Elizabeth had a couple of really good posts this morning on integrity and taking a stand for right. She mentioned how Christians just want to blend in to society now, and she is so right. I have felt that way myself sometimes. I am not a bold, aggressive person by nature, so any standing out I do is definitely the Lord working in me. In the Old and New Testaments, God calls his people a peculiar people. In these instances, God is saying that His people are special, a treasure to Him, and different from those around them. I'm reading through the Old Testament right now, and this time through I'm especially noticing that God told Moses to tell the people that they were to be different . . . unusual . . . separate from those people among whom they found themselves. Not necessarily odd, as in intentionally being oddballs - although they would be considered odd by the inhabitants of the land because they were separate. They just didn't do what the people of the land did. They didn't worship God using the heathen ways, they didn't treat people the same way the heathens did, they didn't have the same kind of relationships the heathens did, and they didn't speak the same way the heathens did. Just take your time and read through the book of Leviticus; after many of those laws God gave, He said they were given so that they would not be like the people of the land into which they were going or from which they had come. In the New Testament, God tells us that the saved are a peculiar people and we are to be separate from the world in general - our worship is to be different, our relationships are to be different, the way we treat others is to be different, and our speech is to be different. There's no way around it - God's people are to be different. Not better. Just different.

Along these same lines, Deb at Mountain Musings mentioned today that someone recently asked her if her daughters were ever going to do anything BIG. Oh, my! Couldn't we wax elephants on that one?!! LOL I've heard it from some extended family members: why don't you wait to get married, go to college, travel the world, wait to have children . . . and on it goes. I heard it myself. Now my baby sister hears it . . . start a business, why get married and waste your youth, why not get some training? My other sister hears it too, except it's because she has seven children - why does she have so many? When is she going to stop? Doesn't she know that we have limited resources, we're overpopulated, children are starving all over the world? We are peculiar. We don't do it the way the world in general does it. And they don't understand. Let me say as an aside that I don't feel it's wrong for a girl to go to college, as long as she and her parents are absolutely sure it's God's will for her (and I'm talking a Christian college that has beliefs so close to your own that you would think you had written their doctrinal statement yourself - and they have rules, rules, and more rules for the behavior and supervision of their students, especially their female students, and they enforce those rules quickly and surely!). I believe it would be good for her to major in something that would benefit her as a wife and mother, such as education or some sort of home economics field, possibly nursing (here you're getting out of the realm of most Christian colleges though). I believe there are places for women to serve in many fields, and I am not the one to tell someone that their daughter should not train in a certain field. Beth had an interest in nursing for a while. In my opinion, she would make an outstanding pediatric nurse. But . . . in the past year or so, she has begun talking to me about not even wanting to go to college. She just wants to get married and have a whole bunch of children. And that thrills my heart!!! So I guess I'll get those questions too. When is Beth going to do something important? When she gives me a whole bunch of grandbabies! ;) Seriously, how can there be a more important job than taking care of your man of God (and I include every saved man as a man of God, not just preachers!) and raising and training a child or children to serve God and others? The world says, "Make money!" but God says, "Make a difference!"

And, finally, Trixie at Farm Home Life posted about cooking from scratch. Most people who don't cook from scratch think that it's hard, expensive, and takes too much time. I just have to give one big AMEN to Trixie's assertion that prepared foods are much more expensive than homemade, and that homemade tastes better and doesn't take all that much more time than calling for a pizza or running to the store to pick up a box of Hamburger Helper. I've done my share of box cooking, and I still do use a mix or box occasionally, but for the most part, I cook from scratch. I've learned to make pizza that my family loves, and it only takes 45 minutes. That's about the amount of time it takes for delivery, isn't it? I've also found that getting things ready ahead of time helps tremendously when it's time to cook, so I'm not running around trying to get everything done at once. It does take some planning and a little extra work, but the taste and savings are worth it.

Well, I got a little wound up. Just a little. There was just so much to think about this morning, and since one of the reasons I blog is to get my thoughts out, I figured I'd do just that while I had the chance. Don't get discouraged when the world thinks you're odd (I'm preaching to me here!). See it as a reminder that you are a part of God's peculiar people!


  1. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for your encouaging words. God has been convicting me lately that we as Christians have set back way too long and allow the world to force thier values on us. It is so sad but I feel at times I am treated better by non Christians than Christians. Christians are afraid of offending someone. It is nice to know I am in good company. I started a new 40 day Bible study I think you would love. It is called How to Have a Quiet Time with God? I will find a web site for them so you can check it out. It is so good and convicting.

  2. great post and I feel the Lord sent me this way today for a specific purpose! I know a young lady that can get some real encouragement from this. She is 17 and considering a great christisan college but yet her desire is to be a keeper at home and homeschool her kids. Yet when I speak with her, I feel as though she is feeling pressure. I think it will be nice for her to see your viewpoint, which is so similar to mine.

    BTW/Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog this morning.

  3. I am thankful God made us not better for sure but different. I know that I am just a sinner saved by grace. I enjoyed your blog so much. Thank you, connie from Texas

  4. Elizabeth, you were so encouraging to me this morning - thank you!

    Pam, I hope you can be an encouragement to that young lady to do what God is calling her to do, and not just bending to pressure.

    Connie, I think too many times we forget from whence we came and get sidetracked thinking about how special we are to God! That's not what I intended, as you know. May we always remember that it is God's mercy and not our goodness that makes us His children.

  5. Praise the Lord for Christians that believe in STANDING for the ways of God! It is really such a joy to live simply, to do justly, and to love deeply.

  6. Hi Susan,
    When you have time will you email me at I will write you back. I have a personal prayer request to share with you.

  7. Julie, I think I need to cross stitch that and put it on my wall - live simply, do justly, love deeply! LOL

    Elizabeth - I'll e-mail you shortly!

  8. Hi Susan,

    About the young lady wanting to get married and have a bunch of kids. Can you hear me climbing up onto my soap box?

    Oh WHEN will people understand that getting married and raising children IS NOT A WASTE of time!?

    That young ladies goal is very admirable and no one should try to make her believe otherwise.

    Ok, I'm hopping off the soapbox. Sometimes I can get so riled up about this issue.

    Thank you for mentioning me in this post, it was very thoughtful.




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