Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It Really is a Small World

A few weeks ago, Sarah Joy commented that she had found the blog of a fellow missionary wife in Venezuela whom she had met at a missions conference. So, being a missionary wife myself, I hopped over there to read Rita's blog, The Jungle Hut. I have enjoyed her blog thoroughly, and I'm so in awe of the work she and her husband have been doing in the Amazon jungle over there - over 20 years! That in itself is exciting to me! Several times I've had tears in my eyes as I've read her experiences there.

Yesterday, I was reading her answers to a meme, and she mentioned her dad's name. When she did, a name popped into my mind with that last name. I checked her first name again, and it was the same name - Rita! The name belonged to a girl I had known briefly in elementary school, but I couldn't remember what grade, how long I had known her - nothing but her name and face. In fact, I hadn't even thought of that name since elementary school until I saw it on her blog. Well, I couldn't pass that up, so I wrote and asked her some questions about school, where and when and all that. And it appears, after comparing notes, that we were in the same class together for the last half of fourth grade! Now how cool is that, and how unlikely is it that we would meet after . . . ummm, quite a few years . . . online . . . she in Venezuela and I in Canada? And how weird am I for remembering a name quite a few years later of a girl that I knew for about 5 months? And why can I remember that, but I can't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning??? It is indeed a small world, and I am indeed getting old. After all, that was . . . I'm not telling you how many years ago! ;)


  1. I love reading The Jungle Hut. The love for these people in their village permeates in her writing.

    If you have not read her Jungle Jollies in her February archive, you MUST read it. February 27th to be exact. It is so hilarious...only on a mission field. I think about it every once in a while and have to giggle. But you're right, some of her writings have brought tears to my eyes as well. And her pictures of faces are priceless.


  2. Okay, now that you've 'fessed up that we're the same age -- you're not allowed to call us old - lol!

    Isn't it neat to think of God watching those two little girls *all* those years ago, knowing that He was going to cross their paths again one day through a vehicle that didn't even exist at that time. Amazing!

  3. Blog skipping yesterday, I admit that I wasn't reading EVERYTHING. I came back to read the last half of your post and that is such a blessing.
    It is a small world, but we have a big GOD and I know He brought y'all "together" again for a purpose.


  4. You were given a great gift from God! Now give all your readers a gift and forget that 3 letter word. I am at least 3 decades older than you and you are not "old".
    It must have been great to remember what happened in 4th grade. I can only remember that was the grade I said NO to a teacher and stuck to it. I remember that day like it was yesterday.
    Love your blog. How is your son doing in his job?

  5. That is really neat:) A lady who has a little girl in my daughter's class, recognized me too--we went to school together---she said she couldn't mistake my giggle..(LOL) I am glad to see you back to posting--YAY!!!!


  6. How cool is that! Few things bless my heart more than seeing someone I grew up with serving God and being used by Him. It's just amazing to see how God guides our lives and the wondrful things He does!

  7. How cool to hook up on the net with an old friend I remember names or faces of kids I knew briefly and a long time ago and always have a secret fantasy that I will run into them again somewhere. The blog-o-sphere makes it more likely, doesn't it?

  8. oh this is so cool! I am Rita's sister and have been visiting you for a couple months here on your blog, not having the slightest idea that our paths had crossed years ago. I attended Tabernacle also, I was in 9th and 10th grades. I had major crushes on both Artie and Dougie Truax! Do you know them? Rita told me on the phone last night, about your comments left at her MEME! I had to go back and read them. I'm just amazed! I have probably seen you when I've walked Rita to class or picked her up in the hallway after school, who knows?

    I just loved what Jodi said here in her comment about God watching you two little *red heads* way back then knowing this would happen!

  9. Thanks for not telling HOW long ago it was! HAHA! It was pretty cool to figure all that out. I think what is so amazing is that we are both missionaries on separate continents and we found each other. To think a 4th grade classmate is still serving God is very heartwarming, isn't it?

  10. I need to answer all these comments - I got behind!

    Kristi - I read that entry you mentioned the other day (when I first found Rita's blog) and have been telling that story all over the place. Everybody gets a kick out of it! LOL

    Jodi - I didn't call YOU old! LOL I called ME old, because I can't remember recent things, but have no problem recalling entire incidents from my childhood. Isn't that a sign of Alzheimers? ;) You made a chill run down my spine when you pointed out that God had been looking down at us all those years ago, knowing our paths would cross again - that is an amazing thought, one that I had never considered!

    Joyce - I can't believe you are 3 decades older than me! You must mistakenly think I'm just a little girl! ;) My son is loving his job; I'll update on him in a post soon. Thanks for asking about him.

    Julieann - that's cute about not mistaking your giggle! LOL Rita said I probably remembered her because she talked all the time and was always getting into trouble for it. I don't specifically remember that, but I guess it's possible! ;)

    Sarah - I love to see old schoolmates serving the Lord. Although I went to Christian schools most of my life, very few of us are still in church, much less in Christian service of any kind. So it was a blessing when I realized who Rita was!

    Elizabeth - there's no telling who you might run into on the web! I'm beginning to be less surprised each time I find someone I know.

    Pam - we probably did see each other as you brought Rita to class, but I have no recollection of a big sister at all! LOL I do remember Artie and Dougie, but no crush . . . now the Headrick boys were right nice looking, don't you think? ;) Did you know that one of them became a firefighter and was killed in the line of duty? I believe it was Lamar. I loved what Jodi said too - so awesome to realize!

    And Rita - thanks for dropping by! It is SO amazing to have met after all these years. Maybe someday we can meet again in person. I didn't tell how many years ago it was because I have very smart readers who would be able to do the math! ;) I just keep going back to your blog and your husband's, reading all that you do/have done, thinking "I'm not a real missionary!" But then I realized that I am in God's perfect will here in (fairly uneventful) Canada, just as you are in God's will there in Venezuela. Wes and I were talking about how God suits each person perfectly for the place He has for them to serve.

    Is that everybody??? **pant, gasp** Hopefully I won't get that far behind again.


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