Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Finally Came

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law, Walt, let one of the men in my house know that he was selling his X-Box. I don't know which one it was, but suddenly I was hearing rumbles of "I have this much money . . . how much do you have?" and before I knew it, Uncle Walt, ol' buddy, ol' pal, was sending us his X-Box. The boys and Wes all chipped in to buy it from him at what I'm figuring is a really good price. Uncle Walt was even paying the shipping!

Andrew, bless his heart, was the most anxious for it to arrive. He and Uncle Walt talk almost daily on the chat thing, so Andrew was the first to know when the box shipped. Walt works for a computer company, so he went down and asked the guys in the mail room to box it up for him and mail it. They mailed it alright. Right back to themselves! LOL The box arrived safe and sound back in Charlotte about a week after Walt mailed it. They had gotten the recipient's address mixed up with the return address. These are computer guys, y'all, but apparently they don't know the address of their own workplace. So the next time it shipped, Walt did it himself. You know, to make sure it didn't get sent right back to him. This delay was excruciating to Andrew, of course. As soon as Walt resent the box, he gave Andrew the tracking number, so he could keep up with where it was and when it would arrive.

It made it to Portland. Oregon, not Maine. At least it was the correct coast. And there it sat. Seems that the customs paperwork that Uncle Walt had included with the shipment somehow didn't keep up with the package. No customs papers = no getting into Canada. So the box sat in Portland for a week. Finally the paperwork caught up to it, and it was on its way; delivery scheduled for Friday (tomorrow). Andrew was a little bummed, because he had been planning to spend his spring break playing X-Box. But it wasn't supposed to arrive till tomorrow - the last day of spring break!

Yesterday I heard a knock at the door. I was doing something, so I asked Andrew to go see who it was. I bet you can guess! It was the mail carrier, delivering a package - the long awaited X-Box. Did you know those things have a DVD player built in? Andrew assured me that we could replace our current DVD player with the X-Box. Sure enough, it worked. That boy's a whiz with electronics, I tell ya. So now we are all installed, with the no-less-than 13 games that Uncle Walt included, and we can still watch DVDs on it. If we get the chance. Everyone has played except me. The games are all things like Star Wars and hockey, although I might be induced to play a game of baseball (I'm not sure if Aunt Doreen played anything or not). That X-Box is smokin'! Beth just beat Andrew in a game of hockey as I typed this. And it's still Spring Break!

I heard a rumor that Uncle Walt wanted to get an HDTV to go with whatever the new game thing is that he got - the latest - what is it? 360? It's already set up for HDTV. But he said he just got "the look" - Wes said he knew exactly what that look was. Now just how would he know that???


  1. OH those boys always know!

  2. Oh my, right now I only have 1 "boy" that anticipates those things. lol

  3. I have three sons who are game systems nuts. Hope the guys in your life come up for air!

    I also completed my wedding meme feel free to check it out at my home school site, and thanks for the fun idea!

  4. What fun!! You need to try it Susan!! : )

  5. It's a man thing, definately fits here. It goes for all ages. My son, my grandson and even my three year old greatgrandson have certain games they play on the X box.


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