Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Is it Wednesday Already?

Wow! This week is flashing by for me! I can't remember what I did Monday - I think it was just stuff around the house here - but yesterday I did NOT feel good at all. I don't know what in the world was wrong, but I just felt bad. For one thing, my shoulders were hurting and stiff when I woke up, and exercising didn't help a bit. Because my shoulders hurt, I began to get a headache. It just snowballed all day, till bedtime came and I was SO glad to get under those covers and go to sleep! I feel much better today, so nothing to worry about. I guess yesterday was just one of those days.

We were eating supper a little while ago, and the kids were discussing whether or not Samuel had been up too late last night (I know . . . like it's their business). We were all thinking today was Tuesday! LOL

Samuel's job is going well. He is having to get up very early, but he's managing well and hasn't been late to work yet. He actually got 5 hours overtime last week, and it's looking like they're about to start a busy season where he could get 10 or more overtime hours a week. That is music to a college-bound boy's ears - and to his parents' ears too! ;) Beth fixes his lunch for him every night and puts it in the fridge for him. I've been stashing extra pancakes and French toast in the freezer for him so he can have some breakfast before he goes to work. He leaves at 5:30, so everyone's still asleep when he leaves. I was saving leftovers from meals, but realized the poor boy was eating warmed-over food for every meal, so I started keeping out his portion of meat and cooking it fresh for him when he gets home. I feel better about that, and he seems to appreciate it too.

I finally got Wes's eagle back out and started working on it again. I decided to work on the tail feathers some more, and wouldn't you know, I got in full swing and then realized that the whole bird is done now? I had been putting it off because that crazy bird was driving ME crazy, and now it's done (but just the bird - there's still mountains and trees and outlining and words - it's a long way from done). So I was pleasantly surprised and relieved about that. And I don't think I'll ever make this pattern again! By the way, I just noticed that I first mentioned this project almost one year ago. That is why it's an ongoing (and going and going and going) project!

Well, there's not much news-worthy stuff going on, as you can tell. I hope you're having a good week . . . and maybe yours is more exciting than mine has been, although it has been fast. I said that already.


  1. Well, I have a whole month of excitement, We have 8 birthdays during this month and my husband and my anniversary (45th) is this month. So it is going to be very busy at my house. I hope you are feeling better today. connie from Texas

  2. Susan, I think it's always interesting to peek into someone else's home. :) So that means I think all your posts are neat to read.

    By the way, BIG congrats on finishing the eagle! I am starting a new x-stitch soon - a beautiful vase of flowers.

  3. An off of the subject Q............does your son still design blog templates?? If not, do ya'll know of someone that can do a great job at an affordable price??

  4. Hi Susan :::waiving::: Thank you so much for stopping by my blog--I loved reading your comment. I am going to bookmark your blog, so I can read it more in a little bit. Have a wonderful day:))

    P.S. This week is flying by for me too.


  5. It is so sweet that Beth would take the time to prepare her brother's lunch for him. That just blessed my heart. Hannah does things like that for her brothers. And it's sweet that you save his meat portions so he has something fresh. Samuel is very fortunate to have you ladies there helping to take care of him!

    Glad you're feeling better.


  6. I'm excited to hear of your progress on the cross-stitch project! You are doing better at it than I am at my writing project!

    Too much else going on right now -- friends coming for supper tomorrow night, Sam's b-day party on Sat. afternoon, houseguests coming on Sunday! Maybe I can buckle down to the writing project THEN. I'll have to.

  7. I haven't mentioned cross stitch on my blog because I don't do much of it anymore, BUT, I have a project that's been in the works for ? a few years. I'll get a photo of it up soon. It's almost done, but I will then have to outline everything. I need to finish it!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I hope you are feeling better by now.

  9. Angus5:02 PM


    I have not done any lately but I do still make them. If you're interested in having one made you can contact me at


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