Friday, February 23, 2007

When the Doctor Can't Feel It

Andrew took a trip to the doctor today. A few weeks ago, he had me feel this round little lump that felt like a BB rolling around under the skin next to his ear. I don't like to feel such things, but I felt it just long enough to know that, indeed, there is a little lump that felt like a BB rolling around in there. He informed me that he had first noticed it a couple of months before, but hadn't said anything, thinking it was probably nothing. But while it didn't get any bigger, it didn't shrink or go away either. So he told me about it. I told him to wait a bit and see if anything happened. Nothing happened. But still, it bothered him, so after several days of his reminding me to call the doctor, I finally did, and today was his appointment.

While we were sitting in the exam room, it occurred to me that the lump might not be there anymore. I hadn't felt it anymore (because things like that creep me out). So I said, "That thing's still in there, isn't it?" To which Andrew replied in the affirmative. Because I would have felt like an idiot taking my child to the doctor when nothing is wrong. You know, like when they're burning up with a raging fever when you check it at home, then you get them to the doctor and the temp's normal and they're climbing up the wall? Andrew assured me the BB-rolling-around lump is still there.

Enter our doctor. This is the doctor that I love. He has a wonderful bedside manner, and a soft British accent to go with it. I love to listen to him talk! Anyway. He listens to Andrew explain what concerns him, then stands up to feel the place where Andrew feels the BB. I watch the doctor's face as he does this, to see if I can tell when he feels it. All he says is, "There's an ahhh-tree there. I can feel it pulsing." An ahhh-tree? What in the world is that? Oh! An artery! Ok. Arteries are good. So he has Andrew feel it to show him that what he had thought was a BB thing rolling around was actually an ahh-tree. He even told him how to push hard on it, then let up a little and feel the pulse (ewwwww!)

Now I'm studying faces. Andrew's does not look convinced that the BB is an artery, but Dr. is not convinced there's a BB thing in there. Dr. looks slightly amused (I can just see the thoughts swirling in his head - Ha! Ha! Mom brings boy in for ahhh-tree!) But, you know . . . I've felt that BB thing in there, and to me, an inexperienced mother with no medical training whatsoever, it feels harder than I think an ahhh-tree should feel. And if I remember my high school biology, arteries are not BB-shaped and roll around - well, I guess they do move, but not like a ball rolling.

So I piped up and said, "You know, I did feel that thing, and it feels like a little ball rolling around in there." So he checks again. For a long time. Kind of chuckling every now and then. And finally he says, "Yes, I do feel something else in there. I believe the ahhh-tree is lying across it. It's very elusive!" So he orders an ultrasound for Andrew, just to be sure there's nothing serious going on, but does he feel it's something serious? No. For the record, I don't either, but as a mother, you know, I want to be sure. Very. Sure. Absolutely sure. No-doubt-about-it sure. So we're having the ultrasound. I hope we get to see that ahhh-tree. And if there is something else in there, I hope it will be something innocent and totally explainable . . . like a lymph noid. But that's another story for another time.


  1. Good for you to for pursuing. I remember when our Kina was young, she had these swollen areas that the doctors swore were swollen lymph nodes and come to find out 2 YEARS later, that she had double hernias and had to have immediate surgery!

  2. It was cute the way you told this story. I did giggle, but you were definitely a good mom by pushing harder for the doctor to continue examining your son!

    I'm sure everything is fine too. Does it hurt or bother him at all?


  3. Julie, I've had to push at the doctor's office before. It's funny; I will push when it's my children, but for myself . . . my husband pushes! I pushed for Samuel once, and he had an ear infection that no one believed he had, and Andrew had to be hospitalized at 5 months old because I pushed till they paid attention. He had RSV, but the doctor was *sure* it was just a bad cold. Sometimes mothers just know.

    Kristi, the little lump doesn't bother him, other than wondering what it is. It doesn't hurt at all.

  4. That was funny...I could almost hear it in my head :) It could be a little cyst in there? Good for you for pushing the issue..we def. have to do that with the Military Drs here at times :) Love your profile pic. You look great!

  5. Heather, the two times I mentioned to Kristi were with military docs! That's where I learned to push! LOL Wes had a 10-year military "career". He'd now be retired if we'd stayed in, but it was during the Clinton cutbacks, and they offered him mucho bucks to walk, so walk he did.

  6. Praise the Lord your husband was called to the mission field! :) lol...yes, military's been a learning experience :) It's not all bad, but it's not all good either..I am so glad I have the Lord who is truly in control.

  7. We had mostly good experiences with military doctors, but there were a few techs I had to battle with! ;) Seems like they think they know everything, you know? I've heard lots of horror stories, though, and I praise the Lord that I don't have any to tell.

    Wes went from the AF to a position as assistant pastor, which he held for 6 years before the Lord called us into missions. I could see myself as a pastor's wife, but never in a million years as a missionary wife - but here I am. God does work miracles! ;) We both love the ministry and hope the Lord will see fit to use us for the rest of our lives - and our children too. There's no better way to live!

  8. I am an Army wife stationed in Germany and the doctors at the clinic here are a joke. Let's just say they aren't the brightest crayons in the box...I think I will take the Army doctors back in the States compared to this...LOL.


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