Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What in the World?

Ok. I could see it (kind of) when I first found the Mayberry Bible Study Guide at the local library in Ft. Worth. It was a series of lessons based on episodes of the Andy Griffith show focusing on life and moral lessons that could be learned from these episodes. Andy Griffith was a decent, clean show, so although I wasn't all that charged up about it, I could see getting good lessons in moral living from the show. Plus, I love the Andy Griffith show! ;) But it was a bit of a stretch for me to consider it Bible-study material.

That was years ago, and I hadn't thought of that book in quite a while. Then earlier this week I received an order from Christian Book Distributors, and of course they threw in their catalog, along with a CBD Express! sales flyer containing deals too good to pass up, valid through the end of March. One of the items on the page caught my eye. It was a book with the logo for the TV show 24 on the front. I thought, "What in the world is that?" Well, folks, there is now a Bible study available based on 24. The little advertising blurb for the book says
"Glean spiritual insights from the hit TV show 24! In this creative guide (it's creative, all right), [the author] reviews each episode of season one to reveal an unexpected (really?) and challenging faith truth . . ."(Emphases and parenthetical comments mine)

Ok. I've seen 24. Spiritual it ain't. At all. Entertaining? Yes. But spiritual? No. In fact, I think you have to dig quite deep to find anything spiritual about it, so deep that you're really stretching things pretty thin - say, into non-existence? I think I'll pass on the 24 Bible study and reach for . . . say . . . my Bible???


  1. Oh my goodness, that's hilarious! Or terribly sad...depending on how one looks at it! I really can't believe this!

    I've seen one for the I Love Lucy show, and I know I've seen several others, but I just can't remember what shows they were based off of. I wonder what the I Love Lucy devotional centers around? Lying and deceit? LOL

  2. I could maybe see a good Sunday School lesson come out of the Andy Griffth show or Leave it to Beaver (one of my favorites) but NOT 24! I've seen enough snippets.

    It seems to be the in thing today to study Sunday School lessons from books other than the bible. (not that they are all bad, but I DO like to study the Bible most) It is like going straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak:)

  3. I have never heard of "24" but what a strange idea of creating Bible Studies on TV shows anyway. Whatever happened to subjects like . . . faith? prayer? family?

  4. That's so crazy & wrong!

  5. You know, since I've been grown and married, I've realized that "I Love Lucy" was so wrong. Lucy was always, always conniving to get her own way and disobeying her husband. He was never unfair to her; she just wanted her own way. She was a gossip. She was focused on money, furniture, clothes. She would fight with her best friend over silly things. So I agree with Tammy - I wonder what they found in Lucy that was biblical?

    Thanks for your comments, ladies. Seems we all agree - the Bible is the best place to go for our Bible studies!

  6. I've never seen the 24 show before. But I don't watch much current shows. Maninly old ones from the 50's/60's & 70's as they are much more better shows & have more morals to them. I had no idea there was a Lucy Bible study. I have seen the Andy Griffith one & it looks like a good one. I like that show. Some of the people on it like Andy Griffith & Gomer Pyle are Christians which is great. You're right tho, the Bible is the best thing to study from. On Thurs nites we go to hubbys cousins house & she has a Bible study where we eat dinner with them & then have the Bible study. She does use a Bible study book but we use thible alot & look up verses & read them. Our gruop is jst Mike & I, his cousin & her hubby & an elderly lady from her church & sometimes Mikes cousins daughter if she's not working & sometimes the next door neighbor if she's feeling well enough to come...

  7. Oh my, I can remember when my husband spotted the Andy Griffith ones in a Lifeway flier(Southern Baptist Christian Bookstore). He was not amused (lol - his expounding on the issue is how I first heard about them). We don't know anything about 24 -- but I'm guessing from what you've said -- he'd be even less impressed! Like we need anything in the churches today (speaking of them as a whole) to produce a more watered down doctrine than most are getting already? Susan, it's just so pitiful that most Christians don't even read the Bible. They don't even know what milk is -- let alone meat! *sigh* I could go on, but I'll leave this for now -- (says I, as I tuck my soap box back up under my computer chair). Thank you for keeping us aware of what is out there.


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