Sunday, February 11, 2007

We Had a Good Day

We were back down to our usual crowd today, after last week's anniversary service. We did have four - count 'em . . . FOUR - first-time visitors this morning! That was exciting to all of us. We've done some switching around the past couple of weeks. We rent two rooms at the rec centre, one for the main service and one for Sunday school/nursery. Well, the room where we held our service was at the end of the hall, and the Sunday school room was near the entrance to the building. So Wes got to thinking that it would be good to have the main room be the first one that visitors come to, and put Sunday school at the end of the hall. So to have these changes take effect, he had to call the lady at the rec centre and ask her to mark down the change request. It worked out well last week and today; then tonight, we came in to find the chairs arranged in four rows, eight chairs across, with no center aisle. It was the right room, though, which was puzzling. We've been using this room for at least a year for Sunday night services, and they've always set the chairs up with a center aisle. Wes likes a center aisle. But . . . he also likes to mess with people and their habits, so he left the chairs set up like we found them. I have to admit it was pretty funny to watch people come in and try to figure out where to sit! LOL Aren't you glad he's not your pastor??? And aren't we creatures of habit!

That reminds me of the time in Ft. Worth when Wes preached while our pastor was out of town one week. Wes told everyone during the service to come in the next service and sit where they normally do, but on the opposite side of the church than they normally sit. Now, our pastor was just as much a man of habit as his faithful flock of sheep, and when he got up to preach, he could hardly get started! Every time he'd look out into the congregation for familiar faces, they weren't in the right places! Oh, Wes had fun with that one. I just tell him that he will someday reap what he sows. The joker. And our pastor was pretty sure he knew who was behind the switcheroo! ;)

Next week we'll begin practicing with a ladies' singing group. So far, any special music has been done by our family or by a visiting group or evangelist's family. Well, we've heard some pretty good voices coming out of our own people, so Wes figured it's time to let their talents shine. They are not so sure. But we are! This is a part of the ministry that I've been looking forward to - working with some singing groups.

Our beautiful weather from yesterday? It gave way to heavy rain today. Now in TX, when it was a rainy Sunday, the attendance would be lower. But here, it rains more often than not, so people learn to get on with life even in the rain. It was a shocker, I tell you. But that also means that if someone wants to go to church and it's raining, they just grab the umbrella (which is never far from reach anyway) and go. That's a good thing!


  1. Four visitors? How wonderful!!! It sounds like you had a great day!

    That is so funny about people changing where they sit. We are such creatures of habit, aren't we?

  2. Four first-timers are a lot for us. I hope they'll come back!


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