Friday, February 02, 2007

To Answer a Question . . .

Kristi asked a great question in her comment on my second anniversary post, and I felt I needed to answer it "out front" here, so nobody would think we're breaking the law!

Just out of know here in the states it's illegal to put something in someone's mailbox. Is that allowed in Canada or do you have to put your flyers on the outside of the mailbox?

Yes, it's legal in Canada to put things in people's mailboxes! Isn't that great?! We've found that a majority of people have a mail slot in their front door (including us), and many times we go "mailslotting" - put the papers right in the house through the mailslot. We also put flyers on front doors, or directly in mailboxes on houses that have them. All totally legal in Canada. But definitely a no-no in the US. Which is amazing to Canadians, by the way!

A couple more interesting things about the mail here . . . we only have mail delivery on weekdays, and there is no pickup at your mailbox/door - you have to find a public box or take your letters to the post office to mail. I do miss being able to put my letters out for the mail person to pick up, but there are mailboxes all over the place. The "post office" here is usually a corner in a store, although there are a few actual post offices, like what I was used to in the US. Our nearest one is in the drug store about 3 blocks away. The smaller post offices are abundant too, so it's not hard to find one . . . once you know to look for them. I was so frustrated at first because I couldn't find THE post office! LOL

That's probably more information than you wanted, Kristi! ;)


  1. That's wonderful, Susan. I'm always interested on how other countries do things compared to the states. I hope you didn't think I thought you were doing anything illegal. I know you wouldn't do anything like that. LOL It's just that when I read that in the other post, I immediately wondered about Canada's law concerning that issue because I've always thought it was crazy myself. LOL Anyway, thanks for Canadian Post Office Laws 101. LOL :P


  2. That's how it is in the Czech Republic too! It floored my American mind at first to think that is *legal*:o)

  3. Kristi, it wasn't so much that I was afraid we were doing something illegal, as much as I wanted to make *sure* that no one else thought it either! LOL

    Anne, isn't it amazing how "American" we are and don't even realize it! I found myself saying the other day, "It's just the American way!" to a lady at church, then realized I wasn't in the US - oops! She was gracious, and it's been a long time since I've been so "American", so I was kinda surprised when that came out of my mouth. But anyway, I ramble.

  4. Goodness . . . make that "I wasn't afraid that YOU THOUGHT we were doing something illegal" - brain fog today!


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