Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well, another Sunday has passed, and it was a good one. We didn't have any visitors this morning, but we had two visitors tonight. Our ladies' singing group practiced again this week, and they are already sounding great! They're going to sing It Is Well, which is the favorite of a couple of them. Tonight we broke down the soprano and alto parts, and they caught on quickly to the harmony. I just loved how good it sounded, and I can't wait till they sing in church!

A cute thing happened this morning. We have two elementary-aged children in our church, and one preschooler. These three are my Sunday school class each week. We usually have another adult lady or Beth come in to take care of the preschooler (she's 3 years old) and/or any other small children when she/they get tired of sitting in a chair and want to play. Here lately, though, this little girl has begun sitting through the entire class time and listening to the story, which I illustrate with flannelgraph. I also get kind of excited and end up acting out some of the story too. So it pretty much keeps her attention, if nothing more than making her laugh.

So anyway, during our fellowship time in the song service, the little girl's mommy took her out because she'd been crying, to try to figure out what was wrong. When she got her into the washroom, she said, "Mommy, I don't want you to go in Sunday school with me. I want to listen to Mrs. Hutchens. You listen to Pastor in church!" I just had to laugh! Sometimes her mommy is the adult lady who comes in to help. She thought her mommy was coming in just to be with her (we have a "nursery worker" for any preschoolers or babies who come), and she wanted to be a "big girl" and not have her mommy come in! LOL She doesn't mind if Beth comes in, because Beth isn't Mommy coming in to be with her. I thought it was cute. I think Mommy kind of felt pushed aside, though. I remember that feeling the first time Samuel didn't mind doing something without me. Yep. It happens to the best of us. So now I officially have three students. And you should just hear her learning memory verses and singing big kid songs!


  1. Cute story! Aren't kids the greatest? I enjoy reading your blog. You seem to be an excellent Pastor's wife!

  2. How precious! The little ones keep our ministry so fresh, don't they?

    I'm looking forward to pictures!

  3. That's cute. I know how the mother is feeling right now. When I took Justin to the doctor he was told to slip his shirt off and the doctor would be in shortly. WELL! He told me he wanted me to step outside the room...he had it covered. :( LOL


  4. I do enjoy the little ones! I don't consider myself a "kid person" but my daughter and younger son both enjoy kids. They've taught me to relax and enjoy the littles!


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