Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well, it's already Wednesday and I don't think I've written anything other than a couple of prayer requests all week! Time is just flying by. Do you realize that March starts next week? Didn't we just celebrate Christmas?

Speaking of March, Daylight Saving Time will begin three weeks early and end one week late, beginning this year. I'm one of those who wishes they'd just leave the time alone, but they don't listen to me, so . . . we change the clocks. I do enjoy the summer daylight hours here, though. In the height of summer, it stays light till almost 11:00 and the sun is rising again by 4:30 the next morning. Long, sunny days!

Speaking of early mornings, Samuel is starting his job this coming Monday. He starts work at 7:00 AM, so that means a pretty early rising time for him. But this summer, it will be light about the time he gets up, so he won't have to drive down in the dark. He had his orientation and training sessions today. He met a guy named Charles who will be working at the same place. Charles is a black guy with dreadlocks. Samuel said he's a pretty nice guy, and he told us some of the things Charles said today. I think Charles is going to be a rich well of funny stories! It warmed my heart to hear my son say that Charles was a nice guy, dreadlocks nonetheless. I'm glad he's looking past the outside to befriend the man on the inside. Hopefully Sam will be able to witness to Charles and see him come to the Lord. Wouldn't that be neat?

Another update on the Maxwell baby:

Melanie’s contractions have slowed way down and decreased in intensity so much that she gets to go back home to her bed rest there.

Let's keep praying that the Lord will keep him/her in there for a few more weeks!

I need to run for now. I've been invited to bring a devotion at a ladies' luncheon tomorrow, and I need to finish that up. I've been blessed as I've studied, and I may share with you some of the things I learned, most of which you probably already know! LOL There's nothing new under the sun!


  1. I agree about the time!

    Still praying for the Maxwell baby.

    My daughter came home from work the other day and said that one of the girls that normally talks bad said that she is trying to be a better person and not to talk like that especially around Carissa. You never know what influence your life can have on another. So, I'm sure your son will make an impact by letting his light shine.

  2. Wonderful news about the Maxwell baby. Please continue to keep us posted as we pray.

    Yes, it's wonderful that Samuel is looking deeper than the exterior of Charles. You gotta catch 'em before you clean 'em!

    Have fun at your luncheon. I'm sure you'll have something juicy for your devotion. Maybe you could share that with us sometime. *hint hint*


  3. I pray the Lord will use your son to be a witness to Charles. God has your son there for a reason...that is for sure.

    That is amazing about the sunrise and sunset times in the summer. Those are definitely long hours of daylight. I'm not sure I'd like that.

  4. I'm so excited about your speaking at a ladies luncheon. Can't wait to hear about it!

  5. I eagarly look forward to spring each year! After the long dark months of January and February, March, while not always spring-like is SO welcomed.




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