Thursday, February 01, 2007

Second Anniversary

This Sunday is the second anniversary of our church, Lions Gate Baptist Church! We're having a special service, then dinner, then another service in the afternoon. We've been distributing flyers for a couple of weeks now - almost 3,000 of them - and we have a 1/4 page ad in the North Shore paper coming out tomorrow. I've found that I like doing flyer distribution in apartment complexes; you get lots of doors for a small amount of walking! ;) North Vancouver is a land of hills and valleys, and when there aren't hills, the people have a mile of steps up to the door. I love mailboxes by the road and motion-sensing porch lights. I'm also glad I've been exercising a lot here lately.

Last year on our anniversary we had 54 people. This year we're hoping for at least 60. Wes has asked that our regular attendees get to church by 10:20 so that we can have a few minutes of prayer for the service. He also wants each guest to be greeted by 3 people before they get in the door! We've worked at being a friendly church, and this Sunday is the time to prove that. Wes has learned that people many times will come to church because of a relationship; therefore, we try to make building friendships with those who come through our doors a top priority.

Samuel is teaching my Sunday school class this week so that I can be in the service. The kids don't know who their super-fantastic-special teacher is going to be, but I sure have built him up the past two weeks! LOL He better be really prepared! He used to do bus programs when we lived in Texas, and he loved that, so I think he'll do fine. We're giving away balloons to all the kids along with some McDonald's gift certificates. And Wes has a reward planned for the person who brings the most visitors - everyone seemed pretty excited about that.

It doesn't seem possible that we started this little church two years ago! We've learned to love some very special people, and we've met so many different people who have come to visit our services. We've invited them all back for this service. Would you please help us pray for a good attendance this week? Not for the number's sake, but so that many people will hear the Gospel this Sunday, which is the most important thing. It would delight us and thrill us to see someone saved this Sunday!


  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I pray you have a good attendance, and that those who come have receptive hearts! God's blessings to you!

  2. Sounds fun, and Happy Anniversary.

    Just out of know here in the states it's illegal to put something in someone's mailbox. Is that allowed in Canada or do you have to put your flyers on the outside of the mailbox?


  3. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I pray everything goes well and you have TONS of people and that their hearts are open and God moves. (o:


  4. I pray you are blessed with 75 people and have at least 1 person saved. I hope the Lord'sblessing is obvious before you get back to your home that night. I hope that there will be just a start to growth in the church.

  5. Are you guys a start-up church or a church-branch? Not that it matters lol~ I just love our church branch! Thanks for working to spread the gospel. Definately praying! <3

  6. Thank you all for your prayers on our anniversary Sunday! The devil loves to throw monkey wrenches into plans, and he is busy this weekend. Please continue to pray.

    Stacey, we are a start-up church, although we are sponsored within the country of Canada by a well-established church in the city of Vancouver. They have helped our church get started, but we are independent of them.

  7. Happy Anniversary & may God Bless youall and you church... :)

  8. Happy 2nd Anniversary to ya'll's church!! That is so exciting!! Can't wait to hear how it went!!


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