Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Valentine Story

Ok, I know it's late on Valentine's Day across most of North America, but I've been reading some blogs this afternoon and seeing many stories of how couples met and married, so I thought I'd share mine. Don't know if you're interested or not, so if not, just skip this one! LOL

Wes and I met when we were 15, almost 16, at church. This was around March, 1981. My dad, mom, and I had just moved back to Greenville, SC, from TN, for my mother to be near her family. This was while she was very sick. This move was "going home" for me. I had gone to the Christian school at this church for 3 years in elementary and the first year of junior high, and we'd been gone for 3 years. One of my friends from elementary school, Stacey, was now friends with Wes, and when he saw me for the first time, from a distance, he asked Stacey to introduce him to me. So she did. We now can't agree on the specific place we first met, but we both know it was in the church somewhere.

Wes and I got to know each other that spring, and when he went to work at camp that summer, he asked my dad for permission to write to me. And write he did! I still have those first letters. That fall, we began dating. The rule was that we had to have a chaperon, and since my dad was newly widowed, he was the appointed one. Yes, my first date was with Wes and Daddy! Looking back, it's quite comical, because after we went out to eat, we went to play miniature golf at an indoor putt-putt course. Wes and I played a game alone, while Daddy did something else, and then . . . Wes and Daddy started playing video games. Can you imagine?! LOL

We dated throughout that school year, during which time my life changed dramatically. That junior year of high school is when my dad remarried. The plans were made for me to switch to the Christian school that my new mom's children attended, so I wouldn't be going to school with Wes our senior year. After talking it over with my parents a bit, we all decided that it would be best to break things off with Wes for that senior year. Well, everyone thought it was best except for Wes. He wasn't too keen on the idea. But he didn't exactly sit around letting the grass grow under his feet, either. He dated other people, but no one asked me out that entire senior year! LOL He was very sweet that year. He sent me flowers on the first anniversary of my mother's death (I was very touched by that - he didn't have to do that!). When we'd see each other, we'd speak, but that was all, and we didn't see each other but once or twice the entire time.

The fall after we graduated, I was working at a textile plant, where an old friend of mine was a supervisor. He also happened to be Wes's roommate, and he'd talk to me about Wes every now and then. A couple of guys had finally asked me to go out, and one of them was this really nice guy named Mike. On our first date, he said to me, "You used to date ol' Wes, didn't you?" That got me to thinking about ol' Wes. I didn't know anyone that I got along with better. I was so comfortable with him. We were good friends, and we had always just fit together. So I talked to my mom about what I was thinking, and she said it would be ok to kind of feel things out. So I sent Wes a picture of me through his roommate Ronnie, with whom I worked. There are differing versions of Wes's reaction to my picture. Ronnie said he ran through the house waving my picture and shouting. Wes remembers it differently, much more calmly. Either way, we ended up dating again in late October, 1983. We were 18.

Before long we knew that we loved each other and wanted to marry. I never expected my dad to let me marry at such a young age, but Wes asked for his permission anyway, right after my 19th birthday. To my total surprise, my dad gave his permission, and within a week there was a diamond on my finger. We were married on October 12, 1984, with both our dads officiating. His dad did the preliminaries, my dad performed our vows, and they both prayed over us. I'll have to do a post later on what went right at our wedding. I say "what went right" because so many things went wrong! Wes likes to say we got all the trouble out of the way during the wedding, and we've had smooth sailing ever since! ;)

Of course, it hasn't always been smooth sailing. Everyone has some bumps along the way. Praise the Lord that our bumps have been merely speed bumps, and He's been there to soften them along the way. Wes has been my best friend, my confidant, my protector, my problem-solver, my cheerleader, my shoulder to cry on, my sounding board, my lover, my provider, my rock for over 22 years. I've never doubted his love for me, and he has proven it hundreds, thousands of times over the years.

I used to think that by the time we'd been married over 20 years, we'd be old, but life is just beginning, y'all! We're way young yet! It just gets gooder and gooder! ;)


  1. I LOVED reading your Valentine story about the way you and your husband met, dated, got engaged and then married. Even though I have never officially "met" you, I think you are quickly becoming one of my favorite people :)!

  2. Aww, what a nice thing to say, Julie! I was tickled to death to find your blog - an IFB pastor's wife, from HAC, who likes to write several blogs on several subjects AND write Bible studies - woohooo! What a find!

  3. What a lovely picture! Great story too. It sure is a good thing to know that it is God that brings people together and can keep them together.

  4. Susan, thanks for the sweet story. Wes sounds like a keeper. I love the picture of y'all and the way the sparkles show in the candles. You were a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing your Valentine's story.

  5. What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing.


  6. What a sweet story!! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    By the way, I really like your new profile pic!

  7. Thanks for reading our story, ladies. Several of you mentioned the picture. My aunt is an amateur photographer, and she made our pictures as a wedding gift. She did a beautiful job, and I cherish them all the more because she did them for us.

  8. What a sweet story! How I met my hubby Mike was he was a blind date my best friend who goes to our church & is a member there set me up on. We've been married about 21 yrs & dates 3 yrs befofre that so it must have worked. Hope you all had a great valentines day. We did. God Bless...

  9. I enjoyed reading your story. It's always encouraging to read how the Lord brings couples together. I had to chuckle when you said you didn't think your dad would let you marry so young. Our daughter got married young and I *never* thought her Daddy would agree to something like that...but when it's truly "of the Lord", then His timing is always perfect.

  10. Debbie Hurley8:11 AM

    Thanks so much for your blogs. I love keeping up with you and your family & ministry. You & your family were (and still are) always such an inspiration to me while here in Abilene. I still have the video from the kids' Christmas program where Beth stole the show!
    Blessings to you all!

  11. Susan, what a beautiful story. I love reading about how couples came together! :o)

  12. You were married the day I met my future husband.I was working at a Fotomat booth and one of my customers was Chris.He drove up eating an ice cream cone dropping off 5 rolls of film.I told him never to eat ice cream in front of me unless he brings me some.4 days later he brought a bowl a oreo cookie cream and the rest is history.We got married on June 29,1985.

    Sorry to hear you lost your mom young.My mom passed away when I was 5 and then at 13 my fist step mother passed away-both from cancer.

  13. OH, thanks for sharing your story. I love a good clean love story of how a couple came to be. The wedding picture you shared was really sweet.



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