Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Brother Started a Blog

My baby brother (who just happens to be bigger than I am) has started a blog. For all you ladies who have hunting enthusiasts in your family, you might want to point them in his direction. Jason has always loved to hunt, and now he's writing about it. The best part is, he not only writes about all that shootin' and huntin' and stuff like that, he also writes about the things he thinks about while he's out there shooting innocent animals hunting. I'm just teasing about the shooting innocent animals stuff. Jason doesn't hunt just for the sport, but to provide some meat for his family. I'm sure he doesn't mind the thrill of the hunt though . . . sort of like I feel when I go shopping and find some absolutely fantastic deals, like a 90% discount, you know?! So drop by, or have your men-folk drop by, Words of the Wild, and say Howdy. He'd probably enjoy a visit while he waits for that turkey to waddle by . . .

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