Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Prayer for the Maxwell Baby

I asked you to pray for the Maxwell baby the other day, then reported that the contractions had stopped. I just received a blog entry stating that Melanie is back in the hospital:

Nathan and Melanie just called to tell us that Melanie had contractions all night. They are headed to the hospital. The doctors told them when Melanie was released from the hospital on Saturday that they had done all they could do to stop labor and prepare the baby for the possibility of a pre-mature birth. If labor began again, they would let it go. Melanie is now 29 weeks. We know many of you have faithfully prayed for this baby, and we continue to ask you to pray. God is faithful. We trust Him and rest in Him.

Trusting in Jesus,

Teri for Nathan and Melanie

Please pray for this little one and his/her parents and grandparents today!


  1. Oh, we'll certainly pray! God is good in all things.


  2. Praying, praying. Thank you for keeping us updated, Susan.

  3. I sure have been praying for Nathan, Melanie, and that precious little one. They have had such a rough experience for their first pregnancy, but their hearts seem to be so tender toward the Lord. I'll keep praying!


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