Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Been a Beautiful Day!

The weather here can be tricky. The poor weather forecasters are really just guessing. Last night, the forecast was for rain all day today. This morning, we woke up to sunny skies, and it stayed that way all day! We like those kind of mistakes! ;)

The nice weather made our visitation time today very pleasant. We've found a neighborhood where the people are friendlier than others we've run into. The houses are just average houses, and there is a good mixture of young families, single people, and older folks. Between the five of us, we knocked on about 75 doors. Hopefully we'll see some results of today's work someday. We may not always get to present the plan of salvation, but we always give a tract and try to leave a good impression of our church.

We've gotten several considerate notes from visitors to last week's anniversary service. It's not often that the pastor gets notes from visitors, and we enjoyed these notes very much. I'm hoping that some of these folks will be back too.

It's been a good day. Things are ready now for church tomorrow, and tomorrow's dinner is in the crockpot already (and the cake is cooling, to be made into a trifle!). I hope you all have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!


  1. I'm so glad that God gave you this unexpected blessing!

  2. We love it when the weatherman is wrong . . . at least when it's sunny after he predicted rain! ;)


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