Friday, February 09, 2007

He's a Workin' Man

Well, almost anyway. Our son Samuel is about to enter the working world. Since we are American citizens without landed immigrant status here in Canada, none of us are allowed to hold jobs here. That's fine for our family as a whole, and that's why we raised support for 3 years so that we could live here, but Samuel has had no source of income to save for college, although the Lord has provided for him through various means the past couple of years. Wes looked into several options, but none of those worked out, so last Monday he went with Samuel down to WA, just across the border, and let him apply for a job with a temporary agency. They were very positive about being able to find jobs for Samuel to do, so they told him to call back later this week to see what they had available. He called yesterday, and they want him to come down for some more preliminary things, and then he can start work in a couple of weeks. The plans right now are for him to drive down each day, about an hour each way, barring heavy traffic - which depends on the time of day he has to travel. He's pretty glad to have a job, and we are pleased that he was so anxious to get one. So many boys his age don't want to work, and we had a boy itching to work! LOL Please pray for Sam as he starts yet another new phase of his life. We've raised him to be a witness to others and to work hard. Now we have a chance to see that training come to fruition. Exciting times! (Although Mom still has trouble believing that time has gone this fast!)


  1. How exciting! I will be pray for Samuel.

  2. How exciting! You and your husband have done a good job!

  3. I'll be praying for him. I'm sure he'll do just fine. It sounds like you've done a great job in raising him up in the Lord.

  4. Isn't it wonderful when God shows you that you have raised a child correctly. I will be saying a prayer for Samuel . Mom, keep the faith you have done a great job and he will make you and your husband proud. Have a great day.
    God Bless.

  5. Congratulations, Samuel!

    And to you too, Mom. It's tuff getting them ready to expand their wings. You've done good.


  6. Thank you all for praying for our boy! I'm sure he'll do fine (and so will I! LOL), and he sure is looking forward to being able to save money toward college.


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