Thursday, February 15, 2007

Couple of Quick Requests

First, I received an e-mail from my sister-in-law a few days ago, describing the pregnancy problems that her older sister is having. Her blood is not producing platelets. The doctors have done everything possible to fix the problem, and when they had done all they could, they advised her to terminate the pregnancy because of the danger to her own life. She has refused to terminate the pregnancy, and so now the doctors are monitoring her closely for any signs of additional trouble. We'd like to ask you to pray for this young woman, Denette, her husband, and unborn baby. I'd love to see the Lord intervene on their behalf and bring this baby into the world safely with no harm to the Mother. What a testimony that would be to the doctors and others around them!

On another high-risk pregnancy note, the Steve Maxwell family, of, are expecting their first grandchild. Their son Nathan and his wife Melanie have been married for several years, and the Lord finally blessed them with a baby. The pregnancy has been high-risk from the beginning, with several problems detected by sonogram. Now Melanie is having contractions at 28 weeks. She's taking medication to stop the contractions, and the family has asked for prayer for this tiny one and its mother. I was on a discussion forum this family hosted years ago, and I grew to respect and admire them very much. I watched with great interest as Nathan and Melanie courted and married, and I was thrilled when a baby was finally on the way. I'd love to see the power of the Lord in this situation as well!


  1. I visit here through Lynn's blog and wanted to let you know that I will certainly add those prayer requests to my list when I offer up my own prayers to the Lord. Please keep us updated.

  2. Susan, I'm praying for these two families!

  3. Susan, I'm praying for these two families also.

  4. Thanks for posting this and linking to their blog. I used to participate too on their message board years ago and did the "MOTH" system. Whew! That brings back a lot of memories! : )

  5. Oh...and I didn't forget Denette and her baby (and husband). I will be praying for them too.


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