Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well, this has been a busy week so far. Wes and I are going to a couples' seminar Friday night, so we're both trying to get some things done ahead of time. I'm starting a series of Sunday school lessons on David - finished Ruth last week - so I'm getting a new set of memory verse visuals ready, as well as cutting out flannelgraph pieces. I'm not particularly fond of cutting out flannelgraph pieces! I remedy that by just doing a little at a time - the famous FlyLady principle of 15 minutes at a time. I can get two full sheets done in 15 minutes. It helps me stay motivated if I can break up a big job into smaller segments. I don't dread starting it nearly as much either. For my memory verse visuals, I use Word and center each verse on a separate sheet, using a fun font and different colors of ink. After I print them out, I paste each one to a piece of patterned paper from my cardmaking stash, then paste that onto a bigger sheet. It sort of frames the verse and adds some color. I thought they looked kind of tame, till one week I didn't make the visual, and the kids wanted to know where the verse was, even though I'd written it on the whiteboard! So. Whatever works.

Something funny happened yesterday morning that I just have to tell you about. I was ordering some music books from Christian Book Distributors online. I had just gotten my credit card out of my wallet when my computer went nuts. It was coming up with text boxes asking if I wanted to stop using this or that, highlighting everything if I clicked on a page . . . and I hadn't changed anything at all. It was wild, let me tell you. So I called my husband, whom computers fear (according to him), and he spent a good 15 minutes making adjustments, changing settings, checking settings, restarting the computer. All to no avail. It was still wonky. After about 15 minutes, I happened to look down at my keyboard. Ahem. I had laid my wallet down next to the computer. With the flap open. And the flap, innocent thing that it is, was resting on the CTRL key. Just enough to make the computer think I was holding that key down. I imediately knew what had happened. I also immediately began to laugh, which got Wes's attention. When I showed him the wallet flap, amid my hysterial peals of laughter, he just shook his head and muttered something about "my own little Lucy." Now, what do you suppose he meant by that? ;)

I should run. We have the church men coming tonight for their quarterly meeting, and supper is cooking even as I type. Which got me in trouble a few minutes ago. I burned the butter I was melting in the frying pan. So I will go, before I have another Lucy moment.


  1. I like the Fly Lady principle. That's a good idea. I have a tendency to spend too much time on one thing and get behind on everything else. I'll have to make a mental note of that.

    Funny story about the wallet. Life just wouldn't be as interesting and would have fewer smiles if we didn't have our Lucy moments. :)


  2. Very funny story :D Oh my, sounds like something that would happen to me... "justanotherblondemoment" LOL

  3. Oh no, that's so funny! Our key sticks sometimes, and the same thing happens. After a few minutes of frustration, I remember to check the key!

  4. That is indeed a funny story! It definitely sounds like something that could happen to me...

    Yes, the 15-minute principle is so helpful. We always think a task will take longer than it actually does.

    Just a thought concerning cutting out your flannelgraph figures... my hubby teaches a kids' class, and cutting out those pieces is a chore for him. He asked an older lady in our church who has health issues and isn't able to get involved much in ministry, if she would take on the ministry of cutting those figures out for him. When his new material arrives for each quarter, he hands the flannelgraph part of it over to her, and in a few days she returns it to him, all neatly cut out. So I don't know if you might have someone like that in your church, who would welcome the chance to serve in such a way. Worth praying about it!

    Just a thought!

    God bless,

  5. LOL, 'his own little Lucy'! That made me smile....maybe because stuff like that happens to me sometimes too! (o;

    And I really like Mrs. T's idea! What her husband does is allowing someone else to be a blessing too! (o:

  6. Oh those moments, I have had so many "Joycee did it" I wonder how I am still alive. The worst thing is there is no one to blame but me. But of cource I don't have everyone knowing about it.

  7. Mrs. T, that is a great idea for the flannelgraph to be cut by someone who wants to be a blessing! Our church is really small right now, and everyone is working . . . BUT I do have three teenagers right here in my house! LOL I'm going to ask for some volunteer help! ;) And I will keep in mind that I can delegate work like that that I don't absolutely have to do myself. Thank you!

  8. Aahhh the story of my life...lucy moments :)


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