Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Look What Came Today

The mixer I told you about a couple of weeks ago arrived today. This mixer is absolutely a blessing from the Lord, and I'm thrilled to have received it. My thanks to Shirl at CakeCentral forums. She gave out of the generosity of her heart and didn't even think twice about it!


  1. Tonja8:45 PM

    It looks GREAT! Are you itching to use it?? I hope it gives you many years of use! What a blessing!! God sure is GOOD to us!!!

  2. I somehow missed the post where you told about your mixer burning up. I think that's when we may have been fighting the flu. But anyway, how wonderful of this nice lady to give you that mixer! The Lord always provides for us, doesn't He? I know you'll have fun making all kinds of goodies with it and everytime you do, you'll remember the one who sent it to you! :)


  3. I love it...especially the color. Red is my favorite! I am really happy for you! : )


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