Monday, January 22, 2007

I've Been Tagged

It's been a while since I've been tagged/participated in a meme, so when Mrs. B tagged me, I decided to go ahead and do it. This one is "Six Weird Things About Me." I may have a hard time narrowing it down to just six! LOL

1. Like Mrs. B, I have an extreme fear of vomiting. Unlike Mrs. B, I don't think it's just a gag reflex! I will do anything to keep from vomiting. The Lord was gracious when I was pregnant, because I was rarely sick during my pregnancies. If anyone around me vomits, or even thinks that they might, or even looks like they might, I immediately start to shake and my stomach starts hurting. It's horrible! And it's weird.

2. I talk to myself. Especially when I'm shopping. But I only whisper, not talk out loud. Wouldn't want to scare anyone, you know.

3. I cannot walk across a swinging bridge. There is one near our house that I've tried to cross. It's impossible. I panic. It's probably right funny to watch.

4. I am afraid of frogs. Please do not approach me with a frog of any shape, size, or form. That includes you, whoever you might be. I will have my husband beat you up.

5. I do not like water in my face. Hence, I will probably never learn to swim. I don't even like water on my face for one second longer than necessary when I'm showering.

6. I get nervous talking to someone that I don't know on the phone. I shake and sweat.

So, now you know more about me than you probably cared to. What about you? What's weird about you?


  1. These are great Susan! And I'm the same way with talking to someone I don't know on the phone. In our house, I prefer Mr. B to order the pizza for delivery. (o; I will do it but I sure don't like to!

  2. It's good to hear that I am not the only one with an abnormal fear of the "V" word! I thought I was the only wierd one!

  3. Oh my, Susan! You and I are alike in a number of ways! Your "weird things" for #1, 3, and 5 could have been written by me, in fact -- except in the vomiting case, I'm not *afraid* of it, I just hate it and will do anything to avoid it.

    I guess maybe I'm not as weird as I thought!

  4. LOL, Mrs. B tagged me for this too. There are so many weird things about me I don't know where to begin yet. LOL

    Enjoyed reading more about you! I have made a mental note about the frogs....I despise being beat up! :)



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