Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Happy Birthday . . .

Today is was the birthday of one of my oldest and dearest friends. I don't mean she is old; I mean I have known her the longest of any of my friends - we share the oldest of any of my friendships. Her name is Deborah, and we've been friends since we were about 11 years old. Trust me, that's a long time. We met when our dads were in Bible college together in SC. We've been through all our stages of life together - teen years, courtship and marriage, having babies, husbands in ministry, now mothers of teens ourselves. We rarely see each other in person, rarely talk on the phone, but we still have that bond, whatever it is that makes two people stay friends through the years, even when they live far apart. The truth is, Deborah and I haven't lived near each other in over 25 years! But when we see each other, we pick up right where we left off. It's really kind of amazing. Deborah is now a busy pastor's wife and mom to three teens (she has a girl and 2 boys, just like I do). I'm not sure all the things she does, because I have a hard time catching up to her! LOL One thing I do know is that she loves the Lord and has served Him faithfully all these years. She's never changed. In fact, her entire family is still the same now as they were when we were kids. All of her siblings are also in the ministry in one capacity or another, and there aren't many families who can say that of the second generation.

One of the most amazing things about our friendship is our husbands. Never have I seen two guys hit it off like our guys did. Wes and Bill didn't meet until after Bill and Deborah had been married over a year. We made a visit to SC to visit my parents, and since that's where Deborah was living at the time, we made sure to make time to visit with her and meet her husband. Well. We walked in the door, Wes and Bill shook hands, and you'd have thought that THEY were the ones who had known each other all their lives! Even now, when one of them calls the other, Deborah and I have to wait our turn to talk, and that can be quite a while, let me tell you. Once they talked so long that they hung up without letting us girls talk! But you'd never get the two of them to admit that they talk longer than their wives do! ;) By the way, Bill's birthday is in a couple of days, so Happy Birthday to him too!

So I wanted to make a post to say Happy Birthday to my dearest friend, Deborah. I love you like a sister, and I thank the Lord for the friendship we've shared. There aren't many friendships that last as long as ours has. I hope you had a wonderful day, and that this year is filled with many, many blessings. Is there a trip to Vancouver there? LOL


  1. Happy Birthday Deborah! What a blessing!

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend!

  3. Good friends are one of those "comforts" in life.


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