Tuesday, January 02, 2007

God's Unusual Provision

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2

Wes and I are not ones to put much stock in angel sightings and things happening because of angels watching over us and such as that. The above Scripture has always intrigued me, and now I wonder if we might have just entertained an angel unawares!

A few weeks ago, Wes met a man who told us he was saved and had attended an independent Baptist church in another province. He was sent here by his job, but when he arrived, the company had gone bankrupt, leaving him in a new town without a job for quite some time. He had finally gotten one across town, to which he would walk every night, work all night, then walk home again, several hours of walking each night. He was making plans to return to his hometown when he met Wes.

Now, Wes is not a man who gives handouts to just anyone he meets. He's very cautious in handing out money, because he doesn't want to waste money by giving it when it's simply going to be squandered. But something about this man spoke to Wes's heart, and he told me he was going to buy this man a monthly bus pass and take it to him. I said, "Are you sure?" because this was such an unusual thing for him to do, having just met the man. He was sure, so he went and bought the pass and went in search of the man's home. The address he had given Wes was non-existent. It wasn't simply the wrong address; it wasn't even there. Wes came home puzzled, not sure what to do with that bus pass. He set it on his desk, along with the bus schedule, and didn't think of it again for several days.

Shortly after this incident, our car broke down while I was out in it. It's been in the shop ever since. We have an extra car that is mainly for Samuel to drive, but Samuel had some prior commitments which he couldn't break, so he took the little car and went ahead on the days he needed to. On those same days, I had errands to run and 2 cake classes in one week, but no way to get to them. Wes has had many errands to run for church business and such. When the car broke down, we remembered that bus pass! It allows unlimited trips on the bus during the month it's issued for, which was December. We are not normally so busy that we are going out every single day, and we normally don't need a bus pass. But this month, we both had to do a lot of running around - and our car was in the shop . . . and we had a pass for unlimited bus rides. We know that God supplied that need, and not an angel. But Wes would have never bought that pass if it hadn't been for meeting that man.

I don't believe in coincidences. I believe that all things work together for good to them that love God, and I believe God is in control of every situation. We surely saw His hand in this one. I don't know if that man was an angel or not, but it's given me some pretty interesting things to think about. The overriding thought for me is how God supplied a need we didn't know we would have, through someone who only passed through our life for a brief moment; we haven't seen or heard from him since. Amazing how God works things out!

We get our car back tomorrow. It was a major repair, but the Lord provided the need for that too. He's always right on time - never late, sometimes early, always on time!


  1. That was a wonderful "story". Heavenly realization is more like it. How wonderful for God to remind you how very interested He is in YOUR needs! Makes you feel like you are His favorite!

  2. Tonja8:46 PM

    Thanks for sharing that with us!! I"m glad that God loves me!!!

  3. Wow! God sure knows how to take care of us! That gives me goosebumps!

  4. What a wonderful blessing! Thank you for sharing this with us, Susan. I love reading stories of God's awesome provision!

  5. Wow! How cool is that! I love hearing about how God works.

  6. How amazing! Thanks for sharing that. (o:

  7. I love that story. It's so neat to see God's hand working and realize His hand was working several days, weeks, or even months before.
    For instance, my mother had knee surger back in October and has been out of work since. She won't get back to work until the middle of this month. Anyway, God knew they would need a certain dollar amount this month and all year long, they've been paying too much into their escrow account and got a check in the mail for the amount overpaid....which happened to be what they needed. Happened to be what they needed? No, God knew January of last year and had a savings plan for them that they didn't even know about. God is good!!


  8. So many times in my life I have set money aside for something or a few times loaned money only to have it be needed by me. I always said God knew I would need it and He plans ahead even if I don't. God is helping us out months ahead of time. The money always come back at the right time.
    I am so blessed and when I don't know of a ned He has alreadt taken care of it.
    I'm not sure if there was an angel envolved but my Lord was.

  9. Hi Susan,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight! Thanks for your comments over on the "healthy" blog. I will be praying for you too! Take care!

  10. What a great testimony of God's perfect provision. How encouraging to read about it! : )

  11. What an amazing story! Yes, the Lord surely had His hand in this!



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