Saturday, January 13, 2007

God Always Provides!

I have one glucose test strip left today. I saw that I was close to running out last night, but I had also just taken out my faith promise money from my account, and I didn't have enough left for test strips. I was wondering if I'd just wing it for another week or so, when I remembered a check that had come in the mail a month ago. Someone had gotten a Christmas bonus and had sent some of it to us as a gift, but they had put my name on it. I had just put it in my desk drawer and forgotten about it. I took it to the bank this afernoon, and when it was changed from US to Canadian funds, it was just the right amount to tithe on the check AND buy the test strips! God knows just when we'll have a need!


  1. That *is* a blessing! Thanks for sharing:o)

  2. Wow, what a blessing. It shows how God provided you with the test strips beacuse you were so faithful to him with your tithing & therefore gave you the money for both. Hope your sugars are doing okay. Mine seem to whack between going low & high. Fri nite I had a low sugar attack at my parents house. I got it up and am okay now. Blessings to you all... :)

  3. God's Word is ALWAYS true and faithful!

  4. Thanks for sharing! What a blessing.

  5. I love to hear stuff like that!


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