Friday, January 12, 2007

From the Ball Field to the Mission Field

One of the speakers to the teens at the Preacher's Delight Conference this week was Bobby Bonner, former Baltimore Orioles' shortstop. He played baseball for seven years before retiring and going to the mission field of Zambia, Africa as an independent, fundamental Baptist missionary. Samuel was totally, totally thrilled to meet Bro. Bonner. You see, Bobby Bonner played with none other than Cal Ripken, Jr., one of Samuel's favorite players, who just happened to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this week! Bro. Bonner is still a close friend of Cal Ripken: he's going up to Cal's house next week for a visit!

Wes and I got to hear just a short testimony from Bro. Bonner, about the snakes he has encountered in Africa. This was during an impromptu teen session that we sat in on. Let me just say that I am SO glad that God called my husband to Vancouver!

You can read Bobby Bonner's personal testimony here, and a bit more about him, including his career stats, here.

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  1. How encouraging for your son. What a wonderful testimony.


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