Saturday, January 27, 2007

Date Night

Wes and I try to have a date every week, and that usually happens on Friday night. We've been having some pretty days this week - no snow or rain - and the sun was shining brightly yesterday, so at breakfast Wes asked if I'd like to take a ferry ride up the Sunshine Coast that afternoon! I immediately brightened up and said I would, and around 3:00 we set out for the ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay, just 15 minutes away.

The sun was shining, but that didn't mean it was warm! Once the ferry was underway, we went up to the Sun Deck to take a look at the mountains all around us. It was indeed beautiful, but it was also terribly windy out on the open water. I've never in my life had my breath taken by a stiff wind, but I did yesterday. Wes was laughing at with me as I gulped for air, but I was determined that I was going to make it to the front of that ferry and see what I could see up there. I made it, and then I hightailed it back to a covered area . . . where smoking was allowed, and I choked again! LOL It didn't take us long to go back inside to our seats on the foot passenger deck, where we stayed for the rest of the trip! The picture below is the one and only one we got; it was just too much out there to stand and take pictures! But the scenery was like this all the way over, a 45-minute ride. You can see the water rippling from the wind.

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When we got back to Horeshoe Bay, we decided to go ahead and eat there, since we still had a couple of hours left on our parking pass. We decided on Troll's, a seafood place famous for its fish & chips. Wes had the fish and chips, one of his favorites, and I had a chicken wrap with a salad. We also tried yam fries. We'd never had them before, and they tasted pretty good, especially with the chipotle mayo accompanying them. I couldn't finish my wrap, but Wes must've been hungry, because he ate all of his fish & chips in addition to the yam fries.

So it wasn't a date night, to be exact, but it was a great date afternoon, time to just sit back and enjoy the ride for a few minutes. I'm so glad my husband takes the time to pamper me a little! I try not to get too spoiled! ;)


  1. Your date sounded like so much fun and the picture is gorgeous!

  2. The picture is beautiful! I'm glad you had a fun afternoon.

  3. What a fun date! That was so sweet of him to think of a ferry ride. Tell him I give him a score of TEN on that idea. :)


  4. Susan, what a wonderful ferry trip you had! It brings back memories of visiting my friend in Port Orchard, Washington, and she surprised me with a ferry trip to Victoria. The scenery we saw looked almost exactly like you pictured. And the wind (early March) was so bad it actually blew me down on deck. But I got pictures!

    I loved your post! That was a neat idea for Wes to think up! :)

  5. Deb, one of the ferries from Horseshoe Bay goes to Victoria too, so it's very close to the route that you took from WA. We enjoy the moutains and coast here so much.

    Ladies, should you ever get to the Vancouver area, look us up and we'll take a ferry ride with you! ;)

  6. That sounds like so much fun & the pic in indeed beautiful. :) Sat is a date day & nite for Mike & I I guess you could say. On Saturdays Mike & I go out to eat & then shopping just for fun in malls etc. Tues is when we get our groceries etc. We look forward to Saturdays & having fun together. They have a ferry here in VA in Surry. We've been on it a number of times & it is fun. Glad you had a fun time... :)

  7. That picture is absolutely beautiful!!! Wow!! It takes my breath away just to see the picture. I can only imagine seeing it in person. Pictures don't do things justice do they?

  8. It's always fun to have a date night. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and the picture is beautiful.

  9. What a beautiful picture! And it's good to go on adate night once a week, just you and your DH and no interuptions for a few hours. Me and my hubby have no children yet so every time we go out it's like a date. ;-) Our time is extra special now since he's been back from Iraq, but would you believe the Army made him do some 30 day training 5 hours away! Ugh!!!! But he will be back Feb. 7th, so praise God!
    You should make that picture into a post card. ;-) Or blow it up to poster size and put it on your wall.

  10. Wow! The scenery is sooooooooooooooo pretty!! I'd love to go on a ferry ride like that sometime!


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