Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My sister-in-law sent me some pictures of Charity the other day. She's my niece that was born last August with a double aortic arch and had to have surgery when she was just a few days old. Charity is doing fine now. Her mama says she is just as sweet and healthy as can be! I thought you'd like to see some pictures of her.


  1. She is beautiful!

  2. God bless her. She is so sweet and lovely. Thanks be to God she is doing well.

  3. My little Hannah used to suck her two fingers like that. However, she always had to have the ruffle of her favorite blankie in the other hand. LOL When I took her blankie away she stopped sucking her fingers. Six months passed when I gave her the blankie back. You know what she did? YEP! Ran straight to the couch and popped her fingers in her mouth. It was hilarious. I took it away from her right then and there and didn't give it back for two years. She was happy to see it and wrapped her babies up in it but never sucked her fingers again. LOL


  4. Thankyou for the sweet comment! She is one beautiful baby :)

  5. Aw, love the 2nd picture! So chubby and cute!

  6. She is *precious*!! So beautiful!!

  7. Anonymous1:52 AM

    She is very beautiful. Praising God over her restored health! ;) Eileen @

  8. Deanna4:43 AM

    Thanks for the post on Charity! I enjoy reading your blogg very much! It is nice to know how you are all doing even if I don't have time to call like I should.
    Love Ya,

  9. What a beautiful and happy baby girl! Thank you for sharing the pics!

  10. She's so cute! Glad to hear she is doing well now!

  11. Ohhh!!! I remember praying for her! She looks wonderful. Praise the Lord!


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