Monday, January 22, 2007

Back to the Doctor Today

I had a follow-up appointment today for the bloodwork I had done last Monday. I had a fasting blood glucose test and a glycosylated hemoglobin test, usually called an A1c test. The A1c, in a nutshell, gives the doctor a picture of how high my blood sugar has been in the past 3 months. In November, when he prescribed medicine for me, my A1c was 7.6. Today it's down to 6.1, which is very good. The range for "normal" people is 4-6, and my doctor said he likes to see it below 7 in a diabetic. So that's good.

My fasting level is not great, but not horrible, either. It's gone up over the past couple of weeks, especially since I ran out of medication last week. So . . . to keep the A1c going down and to keep my fasting levels down, I have another 3-months supply of medicine. I really didn't want to take more, but he wasn't budging! LOL He saw right through my little scheme of running out of medicine just to try making it without it. He told me to come back before I run out, next time. And I thought I was getting away with something!

I'm beginning to resign myself to the thought that medicine may be a permanent fixture in my life. I had come to believe that it's some kind of "badge of honor" to be able to take care of this disease myself, but that does seem to be prideful and a bit foolish on my part. There is nothing wrong with taking medicine, especially the very small dosage I have to take at this point (as a comparison, my doctor said today that the medication I take goes up to 20 mg doses; I take a 2.5 mg dose!). It will keep me healthier for the rest of my life, as opposed to having diabetic complications and possibly dying at a younger age or being too sick to be a help to my husband. Either of those things may happen anyway, even while taking medicine, but I believe it would be foolish of me to deliberately ignore rising blood sugars. I'm rambling a bit now. My brain is foggy today (so what's new?!), so maybe I'll write more clearly later!


  1. My mom struggles with diabetic meds. She like you wishes that they weren't needed and at times thinks she can stop taking them. I try to remind her that she has 2 grandchildren that she needs to think about not to mention her own children and husband.

    I know she struggles daily with eating right and taking her blood sugar levels. So I am here to say take your meds and do the best you can to live a healthy happy life.

  2. Glad you went to the doctor and got more medicine. Diabetes is a serious thing!

  3. Susan, glad you got good news from the doctor. Sorry you have to stay on your meds. :( But you're will help you stay healthier and be a help to your husband, which by the way, was a sweet thought from you.


  4. Most people don't like taking medicine, but the way I see it, God gave the knowledge for some to be doctors and pharmacists. Like anything, it can be overdone. But, diabetes is nothing to play around with. I'm glad you're going to take the medicine and take care of yourself!

  5. Susan I am thankful the results of your A1c were lower...good news!! It would be hard to have to take meds for the rest of your life, but you have the right attitude. Any medication that helps you better care for yourself and your family, is a good thing. : )

  6. Glad you were able to get your A1C's down. Mine were either 6 or 7 something. I can relate to how you feel. At first I hated taking the medicines. But I now realize I'd rather be on meds than be on insulin. This diesase frustrates me cuz my sugars go up & down & I can't have the sweets I love. But I know hubby is there for me & so is God. I see how hubby struggles with his diabetes taking insulin as well as pills & being legally blind cuz he had diabetes for along time & never knew he had it. We're both each others support systems. You have our support & best wishes too. May God Bless you as you deal with your diabetes... :)


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