Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time is Flying!

It's been a super-busy week in the Hutchens household! So many thing have happened that it seems like a whirlwind - nothing bad has happened, it's just been eventful.

The last time I blogged, I told you about Samuel's birthday party. I'll try to post some pictures in another post, if Blogger will let me. Every day last week had something going on. Monday, we went to WA to do some shopping, our regular monthly run down there for cheaper groceries. That took several hours, of course. On the way back to the border, we stopped and picked up two Christmas packages, one from my parents and one from my sister in Mexico. It was so much fun to get Christmas packages! I must confess we opened them, but it was because we weren't sure if they'd ask at the border what was in them - really, it was! Of course, when we got to the border they never even blinked an eye, waved us right on through. But we sure have enjoyed our gifts! LOL Thanks everybody!

Beth and I went shopping for her to get Samuel a birthday gift on Monday night. Wes had gotten a one-month pass for public transportation for someone, but they didn't need it after all, so Beth and I used it to ride the seabus and sky train to the bigger mall in Vancouver. It saved us having to find a parking place on a crazy shopping night, plus we got to watch all the people and have some girl talk. We both had a lot of fun together. It's pretty nice to discover that your daughter is becoming your friend! ;)

Tuesday was Samuel's actual birthday, so I made his requested meal of chicken and dumplings. It's been a long time since we had those, and it was really good - comfort food, you know?! Wes took Samuel to the Canucks game, and they won, so it was a good night!

Wednesday was our first class in Wilton Course 2. On Tuesday night, while Beth was trying to make her icing for class, she didn't realize that I had recalibrated the scale for something I had done earlier in the day, and she got too much powdered sugar, which made it far too stiff. Which made the mixer bog down. Big time. I had gone to the library, and I knew something was wrong when I came in the door. I smelled hot wires, and Beth was standing in the kitchen with this blank look on her face. The mixer had smoked, sparked, and quit. Bless her heart! It wasn't her fault at all; she had followed the directions exactly. Well, there was no helping the mixer, so I bought another one the next day, and it's worked fine so far. Nothing has burned up yet, and we made 2 double recipes of icing today.

A really good thing happened from the mixer burning up. I love to go to Cake Central to see the cakes that other people make and read the forums to learn new things. So when my mixer burned up, I went on there and told what had happened. Many ladies were sympathetic and had great advice, but one lady sent me a private message. She has a lower-end stand mixer that she purchased early this year, but she has since gotten a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. The cheaper one was gathering dust on the shelf, and she wondered if I'd like to have it? Would I like to have it?!!!! I responded immediately, and thus began communications to get it shipped here. It should be here within a week or so. She wouldn't take any payment for it, not even help with shipping. Now isn't that a blessing? I'm so excited about it! You see, we've been telling our people about Faith Promise giving and how God blesses when we trust Him to take care of each need when we give. Each of us in our family made a commitment to give to Faith Promise, and our first opportunity to give was the first of December. I've been wanting a stand mixer for a little while now, but they were just too much money. Then even my hand mixer was gone. Now a lady who doesn't know me from Adam is giving me a stand mixer, on the very same day that my husband told me to go ahead and buy another hand mixer! Who says serving God is dull and unrewarding??

You may have heard on the news about the big wind storm that hit the northwest on Thursday night and Friday morning. That same storm hit here, at about 3 AM Friday morning. We woke to trees cracking and breaking - an ominous sound, with the huge evergreens we have here! By 6:00, when Wes gets up, the power was out, a very common occurrence here when the wind whips up, although this was the first time we've lost power. Ours stayed off for a few hours, but many people are just now getting their power back. I had a doctor's appointment Friday morning. Wes drove me over. Traffic was horrible, because one of the two bridges across the harbor was closed, due to trees across the road on the Vancouver side. So all the bridge traffic from North and West Vancouver was on one bridge! Normally both bridges are very busy at all times of the day, so traffic was backed up over the whole North Shore. We finally made it over to the doctor's office, late of course, and found that they had no power and were closed! We spent the rest of the day running errands for our ladies' Christmas brunch to be held on Saturday.

Saturday morning brought snow. Not much, but snow nonetheless. We had our brunch without a hitch. Seven ladies attended, including myself. We had Mrs. Leslie Beliveau come and speak to us, the pastor's wife of Urban Community Baptist Church in downtown Vancouver. This is an IFB church that began a little over a year ago. Our brunch menu consisted of 3 different quiches, croissants, green salad, fruit, and tiny muffins, with juice and hot tea to drink. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and fellowship, and I hope to make the Ladies' Christmas Brunch an annual event.

On Monday, our car broke down. While I was driving alone, in sleet, snow, and rain. And I wasn't dressed for walking in the weather - thin skirt, short coat, no gloves or hat. Samuel had the other car in Vancouver helping a friend, so Wes couldn't even come and get me. He called a tow truck, then I took the bus as close to home as I could get. I ended up walking a few blocks from the bus stop; to wait for the next bus would have taken just as long - or so I thought. As I was walking, that next bus passed me! LOL I have learned to never go out in winter, even near home, without a hat and gloves and some money for bus fare . . . because I didn't have that bus pass with me either! The car is still in the shop tonight. We don't have any word on exactly what's wrong yet. Wes has his suspicions, and he's probably right, but we don't have official word yet.

Well, I've drawn this out enough for one post. I need to sit down and write as things happen instead of saving them up! We have another cake class tomorrow, then if the car is out of the shop, on Thursday I am meeting Tammy of Tammy's Times. We've been online friends for a couple of years. We've IM'd each other many times and even talked on the phone some, so we both jumped at the chance to meet each other during the holidays. I'm excited about meeting her, and I sure hope the car is well by then!

Hopefully I won't be as long again to update. I hope you're all enjoying your holidays. Even during all the busyness. See you soon!


  1. I'm so excited that you get to meet Tammy! Praying that you car is repaired quickly and that it's not too much $$.

    Mrs. C

  2. How exciting that you get to meet Tammy! Wow.

    I just love how God provided you a stand mixer.....thanks for sharing that with us.

  3. Susan, I've been missing you on the blog, but I guess everyone is busy-busy these December days! Yes, I do hope your car is fixed w/o too much expense.

    Wow! Can't wait to read (and see pics) after your meeing with Tammy!

  4. I liked your long post...it was good catching up with you. I am thankful you made it home safely after having your car break down. : (

    Have fun that you get to meet Tammy!


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