Wednesday, December 27, 2006

They Just Don't Understand!

I have new sheets for my bed! If you're a lady, that statement probably appeals to you. If you're a man . . . you're wondering what the big deal is.

My husband just can't figure it out. I told him back in November that I'd like new sheets for our bed. Ever since we got our queen size bed (when Beth, who is almost 14 now, was born), we've been using hand-me-down, mix-and-match sheets, because that's just what I did. I'd buy a new fitted sheet when we needed it, or someone would give me some perfectly good sheets, so I never bought any sets. I'd buy a couple of pillowcases here and there to replace old ones, but I never could get them to exactly match that burgundy fitted sheet and print flat sheet, you know? So I saw my opportunity when we bought new pillows a couple of months ago. They had sheet sets in that store for a reasonable price, and they appeared to be good quality sheets. So that's what I asked for for Christmas. Sheets!

My husband didn't want to get me sheets. Probably because, on our first Christmas together, he bought me a vacuum cleaner. I had been so excited to open the package it was in. It was big! LOL Now I know that the really nice things come in tiny packages! ;) Wes saw my excitement and so proudly handed me that big package on Christmas morning. I tore it open, nearly quivering in anticipation . . . and didn't quite catch myself fast enough when I realized it was indeed a vacuum cleaner and not just something else put into the vacuum cleaner box. I was young and a new bride, and didn't understand how proud he was of providing a very real need; I did need a vacuum. I instantly knew my mistake, but it was too late - he saw that I was disappointed with his practical gift. He also bought me a beautiful watch that Christmas, with a tiny diamond at the top of the dial, so all was not lost! ;) Over the years, we've joked many times about that vacuum. I've apologized for being disappointed, and he's apologized for being so practical. And I've learned a lot about my very practical husband who shows me his love by doing practical things!

So when I said I wanted sheets . . . I guess he wasn't quite sure what to do! I assured him several times that I did want sheets; I wasn't trying to trick him. He finally told me that he was not buying me sheets for Christmas. They were too practical and he wanted to get me something nice (Oh, but Honey, those sheets are nice!). So I wasn't expecting sheets, and I was making plans to go buy them myself in January! LOL Then on Christmas morning, I opened a box and inside were beautiful pale green sheets - a whole set that matched and had pillow cases - I was thrilled. And I made sure he knew it, too!

I put the sheets on the bed yesterday morning. They're very soft, not stiff like new sheets usually are, and they fit our bed so well. They have deep pockets, which fit over our pillow top mattress. All those mix and match sheets always popped off in the middle of the night, causing us to grope the corners, lift ourselves up, and whoosh that corner back down over the mattress edge. It worked as long as we worked together on it. Anyway, I just looked at the sheets in delight before I spread the comforter over them, then last night I sighed contentedly as I slid between those new sheets. What did Wes do? First he asked if we would be able to sleep on those fine sheets. Smarty! Then he actually got in the bed and promptly went to sleep! No appreciation for how they laid on the bed and didn't stretch out tight enough to bounce a quarter! No acknowledgement that we each had plenty of cover on both sides of the bed! No sigh of satisfaction that finally we have sheets that match! This morning he said he noticed no difference. What!!! No difference?! It's ok, I guess. He's a man. And men just don't understand.


  1. Tonja9:01 PM

    I guess that we're a strange bunch here!!! For my birthday my aunt and uncle gave me new Egyptian Cotton sheets!!! YEAH!!! My husband noticed how nice they are, I think he even let my aunt know that they were good! He really likes them.
    And for Christmas, I enjoy getting the things that I need, like this year I wanted the carpets cleaned (I've asked for them to be cleaned for every occasion this year, like b-day, etc.) well, I opened up a Big box on Christmas Eve, and inside the box was a steam cleaner, and my husband said now clean it yourself!!! ha ha ha!! But, that night, he got started on the cleaning of the living room carpet!!! Yippee! What a guy! So maybe we're a bit strange here!
    Glad that you got new Sheets!!! I know what you mean! New and Clean Sheets are GREAT to get into!!!!

  2. Oh, Susan! I can relate! When we got married, my husband brought his queen-size bed - and bedding - with him. And nothing matched! He can't understand the "wonderfulness" of a matching sheet set that fits the bed! :D I'm happy for you!

  3. Susan what a wonderful gift...a great night's sleep on wonderful sheets!

  4. Beautiful sheets ~ what a wonderful way to start the new year!

  5. LOL!! I love new sheets, too.

  6. I giggled off and on through this post. I love new sheets. My sheet sets sound like yours. You know....purple pillow cases, red flat sheet, yellow fitted sheet. I always feel like I'm sleeping on a rainbow. LOL But I do love a new sheet set too. Glad you got your very nice one. And you're right, men just don't understand. :)


  7. I enjoyed your funny story. I happen to have vivid memories of sheets not matching or coming off the mattress. Men see things so different than us but thats okey since everyso often they get it and surprise us. You have a great hubby even if he doesn't know sheets.

  8. How funny! Kevin got me a pressure cooker for Christmas, and I was totally thrilled. However, when we were first married, I doubt that I would have been happy.

    Glad you got your new sheets! It's fun to get a nice set of sheets!

  9. Hi Susan, I originally tried leaving a comment on this post back when you wrote it, but that dreaded "page not found" kept greeting me. Anyway, now I'm back just to say that I LOVE really, really soft-feeling, nice-matching sheets, too! I try to make sure our guest room has good ones, and invariably our friends will say they got the best night's sleep here. I love hearing that--because it makes them want to come back! :)

  10. Aww...I am so happy you got your sheets! There is nothing like good sheets.


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