Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Samuel's Party

Here is a slide show of Samuel's birthday party!


  1. What did his shirt say? I saw where Pedro was crossed out but couldn't make out the word under it.

    Great pics! His face of surprise was hilarious. LOL Looks like you really got him good. LOL


  2. It says "Rory" under Pedro. Rory is one of the Canucks players that is in the running for the all-star game (as best I can make out! LOL).

  3. Fun pictures! The cake is very cool! : ) I am assuming you made it?

  4. Boo! I can't see the slide show for some reason the pics aren't showing up. Oh well, I'm glad he had a great birthday! Can't believe he's 18!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!


  5. Yep, Mishel, I made it! I've been taking cake decorating classes - and to tell you the truth, I love the classes, but I made the mistake of taking a condensed version this month and it's killing me! LOL I don't have time to practice, but I'm supposed to make my final cake tomorrow. It might not be too pretty.

  6. Tonja, I don't know why they're not showing up for you! I'm sorry!

    Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

  7. Oh, that's neat! Great cake, and I love the "surprise" picture! =)


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