Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Prayer Request

Updated to let you know what details we've been able to learn. The entire family was together in British Columbia. The accident was fairly minor; one of the children was slightly injured. We don't know the exact nature/cause of the accident. Arrangements are being made for Mrs. Smith's body to be transported back to Kansas, where she is from originally. Please continue to pray for the entire family as we enter the holiday weekend.

It's late, and it's been a full day of driving to visit my blogging buddy Tammy, but I want to let you know of a family's tragedy so that you can be praying for them this weekend.

Evangelist and Mrs. Bill Smith and their family of six children (at the time - number 7 was on the way) were with us just over a year ago. They spent a Sunday morning at our church, then that afternoon had dinner with us. We fellowshipped for quite a while that day, till they had to leave for their next meeting that night. Later that week, Beth got to go and play some with their daughters and some other girls at the RV park where they had parked their camper for the 3 weeks they would be here. Our hearts were knit with theirs that week. Beth has kept in touch with their oldest daughter, seeing her at various youth conferences and outings when the Smiths were in the area.

Yesterday, the family was involved in a car accident, and Mrs. Smith was killed. We don't know any details of what happened exactly or even where they were at the time. This has touched us deeply. Our hearts ache for Bro. Smith and his children. Please keep this family in your prayers this weekend. I know they would appreciate it deeply.


  1. Oh Susan. That's so sad. I will definitely be praying for this family. Anytime of year is tragic to lose a loved one, but so very close to the holiday just seems so much harder. Bless their hearts. God will send His grace, I know.


  2. I'm so sorry to hear about his great loss. I will be praying!

  3. My heart just broke when I read this. I have added them to my prayer list Susan. *sigh* I don't know what to say for a situation like this. I do know what it's like to recieve tragic news during Christmas though.
    All I can do is offer my prayers up to this family.
    Please let us know if the Smith family needs anything.

  4. I will be lifting Mr. Smith and the children up in prayer. Yes, please share anything we can do to be of help. We as followers of Christ are here to help our brothers and sisters.


  5. I've been praying about this since I first heard it. I can't imagine the pain that this family is in right now, and their need for God's precious grace and peace! Praying for them.

  6. Wandered over from ByGrace... I will be praying too. Thank You for caring enough to post about this family's need for prayer. I just know God will pour out His love through His people. My prayers will be with this newly widowed dad and the children on Christmas morning as well.

  7. So sorry to hear about them. Prayers just said. I also saw on Mrs Wilts blog where her grandpa had died & on another bloggers blog she said she was sick. I prayers for them all. Also I just read that the guy who played the origional Lionel on the Jeffersons program on tv in the 70's died of cancer. So many sick & passing on. Prayers just said for the familes.

    May you all have a blessed Christmas in him...

  8. I am so sorry to hear about this Susan. How very sad. I will be praying for the Smith family.


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