Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Weather!

Oh, my! You know how wild our weather has been lately - wind and rain storms, the water messed up (we're still in a Boil Water Advisory). Now it's gotten cold and we're expecting a big snowstorm today, tonight, and tomorrow! The cold is good for the water; it will help settle the turbidity. You never realize how much water you use simply to cook a meal until you're using it in one-gallon increments! We bought a five-gallon container on Wednesday to use for drinking and cooking. I had to get Wes to pour it into one-gallon containers for me because I couldn't even lift it. Well, it was heavy for him too, so he only filled one gallon. By the time I was making our iced tea for that meal, I had to get him back in there to pour me another gallon. He was shocked that I had used so much water. Honestly, I was too, but it was all for cooking - I didn't waste any of it. I'm just glad we can use tap water for dishwashing and bathing! The advisory should last only a few more days. No one has been reported sick from it and they've not found any bacteria in the water - it was just a safety measure, one which I'm willing to take. I don't like the tummy illnesses that can come from bad water! :(

Back to the snow. I enjoy snow. Really. I love to look at it while it's falling, and I love to see everything covered with a fresh coat of snow. I love to stand at the window with a cup of hot chocolate, watching the snow fall while listening to beautiful music, and simmering a pot of soup in the crockpot. But I hate to get out in it! And the bulk of the snow is due tomorrow - Sunday! So we'll be out in it. We bought snow boots last spring when they were on clearance, so our tootsies will stay warm . . . but I don't wanna go out in it! LOL

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  1. Oh wow, lucky you. =) My sister who is visiting is wishing it would snow just once while she's here, and the forecast doesn't call for snow until the day after she leaves!

  2. I buy water for drinking but I use the tap water for cooking. My water comes from a point and my septic isn't that far away. I have tested the water.


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