Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Happenings

It was a chilly, rainy Sunday in North Vancouver this week. We had our "regulars" at church today, but no visitors. I ended up not having any children in the service to teach in Sunday school, so I didn't get to start on Ruth after all. I'll get an extra week to study and maybe make it better than it would have been today! In case you don't know, we meet in a recreation centre that has conference rooms. We pay for our rooms by the hour. We start at 10:45 with singing, announcements, and receiving the offering (we're Baptists; of course we take an offering! LOL). After the last congregational song, I take the children, ages 12 and under, to another room down the hall, where we have Sunday school while the adults listen to my husband preach. My Sunday school "hour" is more like 45 minutes, give or take a few minutes, and the last 10 minutes of that I'm back in the room where the main service is held to play the piano for the invitation time. Andrew goes into the Sunday school class and plays a review game with the kids during that time. I think Andrew's time with them is what they really look forward to! He's got a way with kids that makes them love him, and they're usually having a great time when I come back in to pack up all our stuff and go home. We have our rooms until noon on Sunday morning, then one room for an hour on Sunday evening, and both rooms for an hour again on Thursday night for Bible study and Patch the Pirate Club.

Wes taught tonight on the Faith Promise concept of missionary giving. We would like to be supporting our first missionary by the end of the year! After church, we had our monthly birthday celebration for those who have birthdays this month, which happened to be . . . nobody! :) So we had cake and played a quick game of Phase 10 anyway! LOL We do this each month not only to celebrate birthdays, but also to foster friendships and encourage fellowship among our church family. It seems like everybody enjoys this time, and we plan to keep doing it until we just can't anymore. Which would be when? I can't think of a time when we would stop, at this point in time. We might have to delegate the food, where right now we just bring it, but we like our birthday time.

Now we're home and getting ready for a new week. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning to see how he liked my blood sugar reading last week. Beth and I are planning what cakes we want to take to our decorating class on Wednesday; I think I'll do the Wilton's Butter Cake from their website. Bright and early Thursday morning, the kids are leaving for Youth Conference. One of our church teens is going too, and since it's such an early morning on Thursday, he's going to spend the night with us Wednesday night. He's a bit on the same nutty side as Andrew, so that promises to be an experience! ;) I don't have my plans decided for the time the kids are gone yet. I will have 3 full days of just being me, so I need to figure out some projects to do during that time. I'm thinking sewing, cardmaking, cake practice, maybe some cross stitch or crochet (how did I get so many hobbies?) . . . and I guess I should include some deep house cleaning too. Sigh. Which reminds me that the repair men will be here beginning tomorrow to re-tile our bathroom. So we'll be busy this week, but I don't think we'll be swamped as we have been other weeks recently.

I really enjoy my Sunday evenings, unwinding from a busy day. I hope you've had an enjoyable Sunday, and are getting ready for a good week! See ya later!


  1. It is nice to hear about your Sunday at church. Sounds like you had a great day. I didn't get to go this Sunday because of sick kids. It really throws your week off when you miss your usual Sunday routine.
    God bless. :)

  2. I liked reading about your Sunday at church, too! I usually just read your other blog, but I'll "convert" to this one since you're going to be over here! I would personally find it really hard to maintain two blogs, so I understand completely why you are (at least temporarily)sticking to one.

    We have Patch the Pirate Club at our church, too! Isn't it a great program?

    God bless,

  3. Sounds like you had a nice Sunday!

  4. Hey, my church does the Faith Promise thing as well! We do support missionaries too even though we ourselves are a missionary church! We give what we can each month.
    My church is Bible Baptist Church in Darmstadt Germany.

    Thank you for sharing your day with us. I like hearing how Christians spend the rest of their Sunday's after church. ;-)
    God Bless You!


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