Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Snowy Sunday

The snow came. Boy, did it come! I'd say we have about 6-8 inches on the ground this evening. That's not much to some of you, but it's a lot here in Vancouver, the "Hawaii of Canada." It's still snowing as I type. Other areas have gotten much more than we did here in North Vancouver, but others got less. The Vancouver International Airport only got a little snow!

Sometime during the night it must have rained a little, because the snow was mushy this morning. All day it has snowed, and now the sun is down again and the roads will begin to freeze that layer of slush underneath the newer snow. So Wes decided that we wouldn't have our service tonight. We have several single ladies who would have to walk to bus stops on slippery sidewalks, and with the roads beginning to freeze over, he just didn't want to have folks out in the slippery streets. Several other of our sister churches cancelled their services too. So we're settled in for a cozy evening at home. I'll fix some supper here in a bit (leftovers!), surf the net for a bit, and relax for a bit before beginning a new week. I always love Mondays!


  1. I hope you have a lovely evening!

    Slush is one thing that I do not like about snow! It's unavoidable here...every parking lot on a half-way sunny day is just so...ICK! Come about, oh, January, I'm ready for summer! =) It snowed October 14th, but we haven't had any snow that actually stuck around yet this winter. I'm kind of glad! =)

  2. Susan, sounds like a great x-stitching snowy evening. Are you working on anything for Christmas gifting or for yourself? I am, but it's for my daughter and I'm not able to post pictures yet.

  3. I think you guys got our snow; usually there is some white stuff on the ground by now here in Japan, but so far we've only had a few flurries which is pretty unusual. I'm not complaining, though! I'd be more than happy to keep sending our snow over to you. LOL!

  4. Well, ladies, I'm not a great snow-lover, as I said before. I especially don't like it after it starts to get slushy and dirty - then it's ugly. I'm with you, Tammy!

    Deb, I'm not working on anything for a Christmas gift. I still haven't finished Wes's eagle - I'm SO bad about this! LOL We ended up playing Monopoly (don't tell anybody, but I hate that game! LOL). I was the first one out, as usual, so I just moved over to the counter and practiced a little cake decorating.

    Arlene, you can have your snow right back!


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