Monday, November 13, 2006

Just a Few Thoughts

Well, my rooster and chickies made it safely back to the roost on Saturday night! We had a good day at church yesterday morning - 20 in attendance - but we couldn't have church last night because of the federal holiday. This is one of the things that my husband hates about meeting in a public facility: we're at the mercy of the city and its holiday hours! Every long weekend, the rec centre closes at 3 PM on Sunday, forcing us to cancel the Sunday night service on those weekends. Last Christmas, we had to rent space in another church on Christmas Day, during the afternoon, because the rec centre was closed completely. Of course, we realize that the city workers needed their Christmas Day off. This year we'll just have to have other options for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Anyway, last night we couldn't have our service, so we invited one of our families over for some fellowship. It was a good time of building friendships. Wes and I are beginning to understand that our relationship with our church families is of utmost importance, and we're doing what we can to build strong ties with each person in our congregation.

I got to teach the first lesson on Ruth yesterday! I mentioned to the kids how the Moabites couldn't worship with the Israelites, and that little tidbit served its intended purpose. One of my students raised his hand with a puzzled look on his face and asked, "Well then how did Ruth get to be in the famiy that Jesus came from?" Ahhh! He will have to be sure to come back for all the lessons and find out exactly how Ruth came to live in Israel and be accepted by God! It wasn't her own merit. Does that sound familiar? Kind of like "not by works of righteousness that we have done . . . ?" I'm pretty excited about this series of lessons; can you tell?

Our kids have been talking and talking about youth conference since Saturday night. The main speaker was Dr. Johnny Pope, and he made quite an impression on the teen boy who went from our church. The sermons were quite long each night, but Ryan couldn't believe they'd been in church so long! Now that's what I like to hear! A boy so involved in the preaching that he doesn't realize how long the preacher has been preaching! We're so proud of Ryan; he has really been growing in the Lord the past few months. We're glad he got to go to the conference and be among a crowd of teenagers (around 300) having a good time at church. The world doesn't have a corner on fun after all! ;)

The local Value Village thrift store had a 50% off sale today. Now, before you get too excited, let me tell you that this particular chain of thrift stores doesn't seem to understand the concept of selling things cheaply! So 50% off just brings the prices barely within the range I'm willing to pay for used merchandise. Beth and I went over there today. It was absolutely jam-packed with people. I have never seen the height of rudeness that I saw at that store today! The checkout lines stretched the entire depth of the store, and some people didn't mind cutting in that line. We suddenly found a new lady behind us. The ladies behind her, who had been right behind us, mentioned the fact that they had been directly behind us moments before, to which the lady replied in broken English, "NO!! Walkway come through here, I get in line HERE." This lady apparently thought that, since the aisle at the front of the store intersected the checkout line just behind me, she could step into line right there. I just had to laugh! I know she knew what she was doing, but what could we do? Anyway, Beth finally found a khaki skirt. She's been looking for one for quite a while. I only recently realized that khaki skirts in modest length and width aren't widely available anymore. She also found some beanie babies (she collects them) with tags intact. I found a pair of casual shoes by Hush Puppy, a nice picture frame, a Christmas serving plate, an April Cornell sweater, and a Liz Claiborne top.

My blood sugar levels have improved dramatically since I started taking the medicine last Tuesday. Unfortunately, my weight has gone up just as dramatically. One of the side effects of this medicine is that it may cause weight gain. I had forgotten about that. I've been exercising every day and eating sensibly. The first week that I exercised every day, I lost 3 pounds. Last week was my second full week of exercise, but since beginning the medicine I've gained 3 pounds. I'm pretty discouraged. In order to gain control of my sugar levels, I need to lose weight. While this medicine controls my sugar levels, it makes me gain weight. So . . . it's kind of a can't win situation. If I continue to gain weight at this pace, I will be calling my doctor next week and tell him what's happening (one of his criteria for going off the medicine is to continue losing weight!). I really don't know what will happen. This class of medication causes weight gain, but the one that doesn't, I can't take because it causes some rather nasty side effects in my tummy that don't stop till I stop taking it. I know you've been praying for me; please continue to do so, if the Lord brings me to mind. I have really struggled with this today, because it just seems to go round and round with no end in sight.

I'll stop with that and go wash my new top so I can wear it tomorrow. Have a good evening!


  1. Oh wow, I feel your pain as I was on those meds. The glucophage gave me bad diarrehea so I had to stop taking it. They put me on Rezulin & when that got taken off of the market I got put on Actos. The Rezulin & Actos cause me weight gain. I'd rather be fat than have the diarrehea. My hubby is on Glucophage as well as Lantus insulin & he has no gastric side effects. What a blessed man. Diabetes can be a big struggle & it has for me. Prayers just said for your & your diabetes & family & ministry. May God be with you...

  2. So glad your rooster and chickies made it home safely. LOL

    I love the story of Ruth. I think it's my favorite...there are SO MANY good stories in the Bible to choose from. :)

    Good news about your blood sugar levels. :) Can you feel a difference?



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