Monday, November 27, 2006

It's STILL Snowing!

Can you believe this? We're having record snowfall! We had a foot of snow on the ground this morning, and it hasn't stopped all day, although it's not as heavy as yesterday's snow. It was supposed to stop by noon, but it's 3:00 now and still going at it. There's another system due on Thursday, too. Our temps are going to be frigid the entire week. Right now it's 28 degrees, but tomorrow it's supposed to only be 23 degrees, with an overnight low of 10. Here I've been saying how moderate the climate is in Vancouver, and we're freezing half to death! LOL Normally it is very nice here, except for the rain . . . always the rain.

This is the view from my dining room window, which is on the front of the house. The fence across the way is around a small playground, and the white car parked to the left is Samuel's Escort. It has about 9 inches of snow piled up on top. I love to see the evergreens covered with snow, and the bare trees are beautiful with the snow on their branches too.

Here's our back yard and grill - barbeque, anyone?!

Wes, Andrew, and I took a walk up to the little mall in our neighborhood this morning to pay a bill and go to the farm market. We were so bundled up that we were hot by the time we got home! I have my hair up right now, although I'm not quite as warm as I was when we came home.

We're planning to go to a revival meeting at one of our sister churches down in Vancouver tonight. We'll have to dress warmly and drive carefully, but the main roads have been cleared, so we shouldn't have any trouble. Last night was a different story!


  1. I love the snow! I'm hoping it snows down here on Thursday so it seems like winter when we put our Christmas tree up.

  2. Ohhh...I love the pictures! I love the snow!! We don't get much where we live, but last year we had a record snow similar to yours. It was so much fun. : )

  3. I love the pictures!!! I love the snow as do the other 2 ladies! Here in Germany it hasn't snowed yet, well, at least not in my parts. I am hoping though soon. It's so pretty when it snows here it's like we are in a waterglobe and God is shaking it up and the flakes silently fall leaving a picturesque scene! Love it!!!!

  4. Not fair!!! I want some snow too!!!! :(

  5. Oh wow, that *is* a lot of snow! It looks very pretty though. (o:

    Drive carefully tonight.

  6. Wow!!! Send some of it this way!!! It has been near 70* here this week. Hardly feels like November here. I want snow so bad!! We haven't had any to speak of for about 4 years now. Last year we only saw about 4 flakes...not enough to even classify as a flurry. It sure is pretty in the pictures you took!!

  7. Gee thanks for sending all that cold weather my way Susan (GRIN!!)

    It's about time we get a little cold weather here, but I could really do without that much snow! It must have been a big transition for you to go from living in North Central Texas where it doesn't snow but once or twice to there where you get 9 inches on your car! (Am I remembering right, you did live in Fort Worth area??)

  8. I try to be helpful, Susan! ;)

    Yes, we lived in Ft. Worth, but the transition was not all that hard. The summers here are definitely cooler, although without AC, 80 can be pretty hot. As for the snow, this has been a record snowfall - the most since 1996, and the coldest since 1985. The usual winter temps are not much lower than in TX, but we have rain to go with, so it feels colder and sometimes just downright miserable and depressing! The rain has been the biggest adjustment.


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