Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Was Ready to Pull My Hair Out!

For school this year, we enrolled Andrew and Beth in an online academy. Yes, we chose to put ourselves under the watchful eye of real-life teachers so that we would have some accountability. It's a long story, but it comes down to this Friday being the reporting day for the first quarter. My children have three different teachers, and each one has different requirements for the samples they want me to send in! Beth's teacher needs 8-10 samples of her language arts work. We use Switched-On Schoolhouse, which is all on the computer, and I can print off grade reports as detailed as needed. But she needs samples of the actual work. So I had to print off lessons, reports, quizzes, and tests. Not all of them to date, but 8-10 of them. That's a lot of paper and ink. She also needs detailed tables of contents for all subjects. I couldn't print them from my SOS Teacher, so I went to the SOS website, where there is a Scope and Sequence for each subject in PDF format. There was a setting checked that made it impossible for me to print them, and it took me about an hour of trying and trying to print to figure that out! I finally saw it, unchecked it, and it printed! I was so relieved, and you can believe I was praising the Lord that I didn't have to type all that stuff out!

I'll be spending a good bit of time tomorrow getting this stuff ready to mail. So it's not over yet. I hope this will all be worth it. At this point, I'm not too sure we'll do this again next year. We'll finish this year, and re-evaluate how it went when this is all behind us!

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