Saturday, November 04, 2006

Can You Hear Me Quack?

Boy, has it ever been rainy for the past few days! We had a gorgeous summer and a very pleasant autumn, but a storm has hit with a vengeance. You hear that the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver are rainy, and that's true, but most of the time it's a drizzly, gray, foggy rain. Depressing, yes, but not a torrential downpour. But every now and then we'll get the Pineapple Express, a really wet flow from the South Pacific that just dumps rain on us. For two whole days now, it has literally poured down rain! Sometimes the wind whips up and it really gets wild. We are expecting a break tonight and early tomorrow, then late tomorrow afternoon it's supposed to start up again for another two days. I think I'm getting webbed feet! Can you hear me quack?

Beth and I went out shopping today. She and her brothers are going to a youth conference in Portland, OR next weekend, and she wanted a new skirt. We found one, along with a couple of shirts, that both fit her and pleased her! Wow! She is very tall and has a large frame, so it's hard to find clothes that fit her well, especially long enough in the waist and arms. She and I were both thrilled to find some clothes that fit her! And all us mothers know how hard it is to find anything that is modest enough for our daughters. I can't tell you how many times we've come home discouraged because everything we looked at was overpriced and terribly immodest. Even clothes that technically cover you are too tight or the fabric is clingy or too thin. All that to say it was a blessing today.

We stopped by an Eddie Bauer store. Very nice clothes, and some really modest, well-made skirts. But the prices! We can't shop there; we'll have to find their clothes in the thrift store! LOL

I'm beginning a series of lessons on Ruth in Sunday school tomorrow. I love the book of Ruth! There's a wealth of study material in her life, from her character to the extraordinary events that took place, giving us a beautiful, beautiful picture of our salvation through our Kinsman-Redeemer. The lesson tomorrow stresses the choices that Elimelech, Naomi, and Ruth made and how our choices shape our lives. There's also a bit of historical background brought out. Moab was one nation that was forbidden to ever worship with the Jews, yet Ruth was a Moabitess who was brought into the ancestral line of Jesus. How did that happen? Through her Redeemer, of course! What fun I'll have introducing the children to another example in the Bible of our Saviour and what he's done for us!


  1. Oh boy do I know what you mean about clothes for our girls and their immodesty. This past month was Pastor Appreciation Month and our church honored my husband and I with an appreciation service. They gave for us and we each got money to go shopping with to get us some new clothes. He got a new suit and a couple of shirts and ties and a pair of shoes that he needed desperately. He didn't have a hard time finding anything. Me on the other hand...I'm a bit hippy (big hips!!) and have a hard time finding skirts that fit me right through the hips and then in the waist too. I did find some though...although a big roomy in the waist area (I couldn't be too picky!!). I have a hard time also finding skirts long enough though. I am considered tall and long legged so to most ladies what is long is an odd length for me and doesn't look right. Most tops these days are so LOW in the front that you either have to wear a top underneath it (and then it doesn't look right) or it's too tight and just can't wear it at all. Oh well...God blessed and I was able to find some things that fit okay. The girls went out yesterday and faced hard times as well finding things. But they are shorter so they can find them long just that they have to not be too clingy or know what I mean? Someone who knows how to sew REALLY well and loves it needs to get busy and open up a ladies Christian dress shop for modest clothes...don't you think? Just an idea. Unfortunately....I'm not the one for that...LOL!!

  2. Julie, I know how it is looking for clothes for myself, too. The skirts are a bit big in the waist, and Beth and I have figured out that it's because the style now is to wear the waist down around the hips! I don't like wearing my skirt down on my hips, so I don't buy that style. It's hard to find skirts right now with a regular waistline.

    There are lots of ladies who have cottage industries sewing modest clothes, but I've found most of them to be expensive. I know they can't sell for less than the materials and time cost them, though. I can sew, so I've never ordered any from online. Just run a search on modest dress, and you should find some that way.

  3. Susan, great that y'all were able to find some clothes. We've had success at Eddie Bauer in the mall but usually buy when they have sales. Hannah is a size 6 so often we can find something on the leftover sales rack for her. It's always a blessing.

    I checked out the link for the Pineapple Express--very interesting. I had never heard of that before. I may have mentioned before that when I visited a friend in Washington a few years ago, it rained every day but one that I was there. I was in a bundled up raincoat in every picture! So rain is what I think about every time I think of Seattle and Victoria. :)

  4. Oh. Susan, I know exactly what you mean by rain! I was born in Palmdale, CA, near Lancaster, and that is Desert! But now we live in a rainy, rainy place. The Preacher says that there are 2 kinds of Christians: The Cat Christians and the Duck Christians. The Cat Christians like to stay inside by the fire, but the Duck Christians just get out and get wet if they have to!
    Quack quack quack!

  5. I absolutely understand what you mean about finding modest clothes for a tall teenage girl. It was hard for me growing up too. There always seemed to be SOMETHING for my delicate little sister and my mother, but I had so much trouble--being large boned and skinny at the same time. Now I am large boned and NOT skinny, and still have a hard time finding stuff that is just made to make a woman look beautiful-not show off her "assets".
    I do love the new peasent style of skirt with the ruffles. Some of them are really pretty.

    LOVE the story of Ruth! I named my oldest daughter Ruth because it's my favorite Old Testament book!


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