Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We're having the coldest weather this area has seen in over 20 years! It is definitely cold, but not the coldest I've ever experienced. That would be in South Dakota, where we lived from 1987-1990 while Wes was in the Air Force. We actually had several days of -50 degree weather. This was when I was delivering flowers for the Base flower shop. Do you know how fast a rose will freeze at -55? We would triple-wrap the arrangements, leave my car running, and run from the entrance to the car, then from the car to the door of the recipient . . . and sometimes I still wasn't fast enough. Now that's pretty cold. Anyway. It's cold here, but come Friday it's supposed to be above freezing again, raining and washing away all the snow. But between now and then? The forecasters are saying we may get another 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow night! Wow! This is fun! :p

Today the sun was shining, and the trees were absolutely beautiful. I was going to take some pictures, but we were gone to the day service of the revival we went to last night for most of the day. Hopefully I can get some tomorrow. There's no worry about the snow being gone by then.

I have to say I have enjoyed this revival meeting. Today we heard a great message (actually more like 3 in 1 - it was so good!), the last part of which was about prayer. Is prayer something that you struggle with? I sure do. I've been saved for almost 14 years (been in church much, much longer than that), but a strong prayer life is something that I still have to work at. My husband told me on the way home that he is planning some messages for the new year on spiritual growth, and he will teach and preach on prayer as part of that. I'm really looking forward to it.

We had some good fellowship today too. One of the best things was "talking" to one of our newest little friends, 3-month-old Julia. She's a smiley baby, and as Beth was talking to her, she started to coo and just talked and talked! Now who can resist a cooing, smiling, gurgling baby, I ask you? Not me!

This is for Julia's dad: I just can't help but reflect upon 13 years ago, when my own sweet little baby girl looked into my eyes and gurgled and cooed (is that the right spelling?). Where have the years gone? I would wax eloquent on the joys of parenting my own little bundles of joy, but alas, I have depleted my time for the evening, and I must cease my journey into the past . . . Was that sentimental enough for you, sir?!!! He was teasing me about my blog this afternoon, so I had to make sure he was justified in all he said . . . something about fond memories of Beth . . .

I really must go now and prepare for church again tonight. I saw that the cold front is headed for Texas - have fun, y'all! :) :) :)


  1. I can't even imagine being in -55 degree weather. Was it windy? Did it cut to the bone? UGH!

    We're actually having extremely mild weather here in North Carolina. It was 76 here yesterday. I don't think I'd like to be in -55, but I could do for some cooler weather. :)


  2. The wind was always blowing in South Dakota! LOL I would dress in a wool skirt, pullover sweater, fur-lined boots with tights and two pairs of socks, a down-filled coat, and gloves, of course . . . and I was fairly warm. My feet would be the coldest, even with the boots and all those socks. My husband was in the Air Force, and the flight line closed down when the wind chill reached -50, because it was too dangerous for anyone to be out in that temp. It wasn't often that it got that cold, but it did happen occasionally.

  3. I was out running around today and it was very cold and windy here (in the 40's) and I thought of you. : )

    And yes, I desire to have a stronger prayer life. I so admire the women I know who are real prayer warriors.


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