Saturday, November 11, 2006

Barbara asked a question that reminded me of something. Breakfast is a very important meal, but after breakfast is when things go wrong a lot of times for those with hypoglycemia!

What do you do for breakfast? If I just have a bowl of cereal and some fruit and OJ, I'm shaky and need to eat something else in an hour or two.

For breakfast, I would suggest something with protein in it to go along with whatever carb you have. I eat eggs a couple of mornings a week (and I hate them!), and I've started using turkey bacon so that I can have that protein without all the fat. One of my favorite breakfasts is an egg, turkey bacon, and a slice of cheese on an English muffin. Toast with peanut butter is a good option, and I like to add sugar-free jam to it. When I eat pancakes, I make sure to also have a protein (and I use sugar-free syrup) like an egg or turkey bacon. We also eat peant butter on our pancakes. French toast (again, with sugar-free syrup) does well for me because it's dipped in egg and milk, both of which are protein sources. Speaking of milk, I drink a glass of milk every morning with my breakfast, instead of juice. I don't drink juice of any kind anymore. Liquids are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly, which is why diabetics might drink a glass of orange juice to bring their sugar level back up when they're experiencing a low. Every now and then I'll take one swallow of someone's juice, if I'm just craving it, but as a general rule, I don't drink juices.

I've found that I can't eat cold cereal in any way, shape, or form, because it raises my blood sugar quickly and very high. I do eat most fruits, but stick more with berries and apples. Tropical fruits seem to raise my blood sugar more. I eat regular plain oatmeal (not instant or quick-cooking) once or twice a week, with about 1/2-1 tablespoon of real brown sugar in it, plus cinnamon and milk. Sometimes I add chopped nuts and/or apples while it's cooking.

Barbara, I would imagine that the combination of cereal, fruit, and juice is raising your blood sugar and then it crashes back down a couple of hours later. Although it's thought of as a healthy breakfast, it's really high in carbs. Eggs really do help because of the protein. If you don't have trouble with your cholesterol, you might be able to eat them a little more often. But again, I'm not an expert. I do know that I've started eating real butter, and I eat eggs several times a week, and my cholesterol is normal. Maybe your doctor would have some suggestions on how to increase the protein in your breakfasts!


  1. Tonja9:02 PM


    I just thought I'd let you know that I LOVE peanut butter on pancakes and french toast!!!! It's just the best stuff!!!

  2. I *have* to have protien in the morning too. These are great suggestions you have given here. I do many of the the things you mention. Something else I do when I am in a hurry or have eat on the go, is to make a smoothie using orange juice, yogurt, banana, unsweetened strawberries (if I have them) and tofu. The yogurt and tofu have protien.

  3. Thanks, Susan. I love eggs, but usually want something I can just "grab and go" -- which isn't always healthiest. Sometimes I buy a breakfast biscuit at a fast food place after dropping my son off at school. :) But should't do that too much. I did add an Engish muffin with peanut butter to my cereal, fruit, and OJ today, and it dsid add some staying power.

    Sometimes I go ahead and have something like leftovers from the previous night's dinner for breakfast.


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