Monday, October 02, 2006

Simple Things

As I was cooking breakfast this morning, I walked over to our dining room window. I do that quite often, just to look out and see what's going on. There's a playground across the parking lot from our townhouse, and lots of times there are children playing out there that are fun to watch. There are also lots of birds and squirrels, and occasionally a cat will wander through from another apartment complex. There's usually something of interest to watch out there.

This morning was no exception. There was a puddle in the parking area just outside the playground fence, and in that puddle, several birds were taking turns bathing. I got a huge kick out of watching them dip their heads in, then shake the water down their back, then squat down into the water and dance a little jig, feathers flipping wildly to clean their bellies and wings. I stood there talking to them through the window, and just laughing out loud at them. I think one of them must have been a little boy bird; he just washed his head and flew away, while other birds were taking thorough baths! Anyone passing by might have thought I'd lost my mind, talking to birds through the window. As I remarked to Samuel that simple people are amused by simple things, I realized that I really did enjoy watching the birds come and go. So call me simple, I guess, but I'm happy being my simple self. And with entertainment like bathing birds, who needs a TV?!

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  1. Don't feel bad about talking to the birds through the window. I do that too!!! I've also laughed as I have watched birds bathing in puddles and birdbaths. I used to talk to my hummingbirds when they would come to my feeders at our other house. We don't have the privelege of any hummingbirds where we live now. We live right next to a busy interstate and I think they are scared to come around here due to the noise of all the traffic (sigh :( )

  2. Oh, I love birds too! I talk to them as well! :) When we lived out in the country, I used to imitate the gold finches. They became quite used to me, and came up to feed even when I was inches away from their feeder. Hummingbirds will get used to humands too. There are no hummingbirds now--too cold for them--but when they were coming to my feeder, I would sit on the porch and talk to them, and they would cock their little heads and look at me. They were just so adorable!

  3. Haha..."humands". I think I meant "humans". :)

  4. We have a canary and my favorite thing to do is to watch him take a bath....he is too funny!


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